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* Search no more, I'm what you're looking for. *
Someone faithful to you.

If you think you can rock the boat by all means enter below.
Make sure you touch the "G Spot" before you leave and
Here are 20 ways to satisfy me
1. Be faithful to me
2.  Kiss me
3.  Hold me
4. Compliment me
5.  Caress me
6.  Listen to me
7.  Laugh with me
8.  Make me smile
9.  Make me call your name
10.  Appreciate me
11. Surprise me
12.  Arouse me
13.  Educate me about you
14.  Acknowledge me
15.  Accept me
16.  Believe in me
17.  Want me
18.  Understand me
19.  Look me in the eyes (connect with me)
20.  Make me your friend and I will make you mine

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