The greatest thing about NES ICE HOCKEY is that it was made when there was still a Communist Soviet Union. This allowed kids like me back in the 80s to take the Cold War (no pun intended!) into our own hands (pun intended!). For a more in-depth analysis of what I'm talking about here is an essay my friend Chris wrote about the subject about ten years ago. Recently I dusted off the old NES and decided to destroy the Marxist threat again.

The Great Russo-American Showdown

OK, so first I chose team USA, the best team in the game. Some people will tell you that it doesn't matter who you pick, but I think it is obvious that a Japanese game would make the USA more powerful since more Americans buy it than Swedes or whatever.

Here is me accidentally moving because I forgot to hit the button to select my team first.

I am still forgetting to select a team. I'm glad I didn't pick Poland though.

This is Canada. They are good at hockey because they invented it. But they are neutral in the Cold War so they are still pansies.

Here is the Soviet Union. This is who I will play against.

I don't know what country this is supposed to be, but they are the worst team in the whole game. They're grey like the Confederates in the Civil War. What a surprise!

This is where you select your lineup like it says in the title. Sometimes you want to get a lot of fat guys to push the other team around, but since I am going up against a superpower I need a well-rounded group of players.

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