Not a moment too soon. May 12 2009.

Yeah, it's been awhile since my last update, so quite a bit has changed. First off, I've got my computer back, so I'm planning on getting everything back together within the next few weeks.

Also, as many of you know, Geocities isn't going to last much longer, so the revamp will be coming VERY soon. We're just tying up a few loose ends, and the new URL and site will be released as soon as the template is perfected. I figured I'd wait until I got at least half as much content completed that I initially wanted, but due to circumstances(loss of data, loss of hard drive, loss of site host, etc.) beyond my control, we'll be coming up somewhat short.

Anyway, this means a brief hiatus for NP;; We'll be resurrected with so much more than what we left with, and our next update will be our last.♦

A heads up. April 16 2009.

Yesterday I managed to find out what exactly was wrong with my computer. The problem should be fixed by this Saturday, and the site will be back on its way to the revamp. The job is going great, the money for the site is coming in just fine, and you should all get what you've been looking forward to since the very beginning. Just a short 'n' sweet little update to let you all know what's going on. Keep checking in, folks.♥

Almost there... March 22 2009.

Okay, so I've decided that rather than upgrading from Geocities to Yahoo!, I'm going to be using another site host for the revamp. Yeah, I know, I've been talking about the revamp for ages now, but we're legitimately close this time. I'm going to be waiting for a short while longer in order to get my computer working again, and as soon as that happens we'll be up and running with a new URL, much more content, better organizational skills, and a website without an annoying music player. I'm looking forward to new possibilities, and I hope the rest of you are, too.♥

Slight promotions? March 13 2009.

I'm back again! Just stopping by to inform you all that NP;; now has a MySpace profile. It's still undergoing maintenance, but it's existent, nonetheless. So go check it out, add us, and leave some love and C&C while you're at it! As always, thanks for sticking around, and send your feedback to [email protected], or even leave us a comment on MySpace.♥

A morning to come, March 11 2009.

Wow, it's actually been less than a week since my last update. Go me!

Okay, so here's the thing: my computer's still having it's giant meltdown. Right now it's forgotten what its OS is and I need to find a disc to make it turn on, but luckily I have wonderful friends with computers that I'm allowed to use for updates and such. Right now I'm in need of a few things, including a disc with my preferred OS, and a website to store my files on just in case my computer has another heart attack(GeoCities only provides so much when it comes to filetypes that I'm allowed to upload. Maybe I'll just buy a butt-ton of CDs for all of my junk).

As of this very moment, it turns out that I do happen to have a friend that I've sent the new site layout to, so luckily that's not lost forever. I'm hoping that everything starts running smoothly again soon, so wish us luck here at NP;;.

Oh, and in much more irrelevant news, I just bought a new guitar! It's pretty and yellow and took up the last of my most recent paycheck, but it's got a cute little strap with pin-up girls on it, and it all fits me just perfectly! Keep checking back, there's more news to come!♥

An explosion: March 6 2009.

Unfortunately, I've been having some computer problems that I recently tried to solve...and failed. These problems resulted in a system restoration, therefore the content I've been working on has been lost. I'm hoping that maybe I can find a few pieces of work here and there that I may have sent to some people and recover them, so keep your heads up.

Don't worry, we've still got so much to look forward to, and I'm pretty sure the new site template isn't gone for good. I'll keep you all updated!♥

False hope? Not this time! February 13 2009.

Okay, yeah, I know it's been a month since my last update and none of you have seen any progress. That's about to change, my friends! I've recently obtained a job(a full-time job, to be exact), and I'm working night shift and I get to do all this fun stuff with pallet-jacks, but the point is, it's the highest paying job I've ever held, and website funding will now be easy as hell.

What's even better is that I've got so much more of the site content mapped out and completed, and when the revamp occurs, well, I could tell you, or I could just let you all rip out your eyes with anticipation(all four and a half of you regular visitors). Let's just say that I'm planning big, and once I release the new site URL, you'll see the drastic changes.

Oh, and our friend at Archrival Studios is going to help us all out a little and configure an archive system for my blogs, so I don't have to take up so much space on a single page that nobody wants to read all the way through anyway! Thanks, love.♥

Finally! January 14 2009.

Unfortunately my first update of the new year had to be this late; I'm sorry guys! Luckily, we have some GREAT news to ring in the new year. My internet is finally up and running, and the new template is just coming along perfectly. I have another new idea for the site revamp, and hopefully things will come together quickly and efficiently. I'm happy to announce that I project the new site to be all pulled together by early March. For that, I'll need all of your input and support. Thanks, everybody.♥

Once again... Another setback. November 10 2008.

Unfortunately, I'm only stopping by this time to inform my few visitors that the site revamp has undergone another downfall, as my internet access is very limited at the moment. This pretty much means that updates will, as you have noticed, not only be less frequent, but our new content and ability to upgrade has come to a screeching halt for the time being. I can ensure that our next update will be on a much lighter note though, so keep on stopping by for bigger and better news.♥

A straight-forward reply. October 1 2008.

If it hadn't been awhile from the last update to the one before it, this update ensures that I'm definitely not keeping up-to-pace with my visitors. Let's face it: I've been spending WAY too much time with online gaming, and not enough time with all of you. If there's one statement that I'd like to make first, it's this: I got paid. That means that I have a budget to work with, which allows me to make the adjustments necessary to keep all of this going. Another step towards success has been completed, and I can guarantee the change promised in my last entry to occur by the end of the month.

Today, however, I'd like to announce what kind of changes will be made in the near future. By the aforementioned deadline, you'll find me at a new URL. I'll update again before that happens just to let you know where to look for me. With this grand reopening will be an entire revamp. There will be plenty of new content, and I'll be sure to continue my hunt for new affies as the days go by.

Oh, and I'll have removed the annoying music player. Just letting you know ahead of time. But, if you've got any suggestions for the revamp, send me an email: [email protected]

It's been awhile... September 18 2008.

Yes, I realize that I haven't really been keeping the site updated lately; there's just been quite a bit going on. Don't forget: BIG CHANGES. You won't even be expecting them! I'm looking forward to a change of template sometime soon(although I must say that I've become quite attached to this one), and definitely more in the content section. I'm still looking for more affiliates, so feel free to send me an email if you're interested.♥

Sorry everyone! September 9 2008.

I suppose this update is to apologize for the lack of keeping the site up for awhile. Truth is, there's not much that's changed, so I don't have anything exactly to update about. T_T

Although, I must happily admit that I've found employment, so within the next couple of months will be some BIG changes, so keep checking up on me.♥

Oh darn... August 25 2008.

Well, I ran out of time on my graphics program trial. Again. Yeah, and still no form of employment to pay for one, so I hope you'll all be content knowing that this is now what I'd like to call "The Planning Stage." I'll be getting external work done that will hopefully contribute to our cause here at NP, and make you all some new stuff when I have the proper material on hand. As of right now, I'm considering whether or not to get rid of the music player, seeing as even I am growing tired of it(and a little bit annoyed).

But, at the moment, I'm going to be throwing in applications like it's nobody's business...not that I wasn't doing so before. I was hoping for the best on this one, and if anyone knows of a place that's looking to hire a highschool graduate with nothing to offer other than untrained computer/web design skills and cynical ambition, send me an email. This is serious business here.

So I guess that's it for this update. Thanks for keeping up with me, and as always, I'm welcome to any input, whether it be positive or negative.♥

Again, August 16 2008.

Ooh, look! Another update. Not much has actually happened since the last update, but as of yet I've added a music player(which you can easily turn off if it interferes with your own music), and I'm working on some new stuff. One more tiled background, by the way.♥

One small step... August 12 2008.

That's right. I'm happy to announce yet another addition--the content page. For now it includes only two tiled backgrounds, but I'm hoping to upload more very soon.

On another note, I've been elected as the first "Featured Programmer" on ArchrivalStudios.com! Archrival Studios is a programmer's community in the making, and, as defined by the webmaster, it all began "as a way to build support for programming and the passing of knowledge." If you visit, you'll be sure to find forums, tutorials, and snippets of info about programming with Java. Feel free to browse the forums, keep a heads up for future projects, and of course take a look at the Featured Programmers page and see a little bit of what I've got to offer!♥

We're moving forward. August 10 2008.

Today I've added the "Affiliates" section to the site! I find that although I've got much to do, this small alteration is a big step in proving that I'm determined to get as much done as possible within the next few weeks. As always, feel free to send your input.

I also intend on adding the content page, obviously, and when I accumulate more affies I'll add their links to the navigation as well. Too, I will be working on an "About Me" kind of section just to get a bit more of a friendly feel to the place. I'll be looking forward to any and all emails(hatemail included, if you're that much offended).

Oh, and I've been considering changing the site template. Just a thought, but maybe I'll just wait until after I've got some of the content up.♥

Originally... August 08 2008.

I updated the site yesterday, but it just wasn't anything of importance. This news is better, and it's on a Friday, so I'm somewhat sticking to my aforementioned plan. Within the next month or so, there will be a considerable number of updates. I just got a head-start at something wonderful. My main concern is whether or not I'm doing what's expected of me.

First of all, I would like to declare that the purpose of NervousPerverse is to provide graphics, layouts, and pretty much anything that I can customize for the consumer(who just so happens to be you) for no price whatsoever. I realize already that I haven't had the opportunity to do that yet, so I'm encouraging your feedback. Upon visiting the site, please email any ideas, opinions, or anything that you'd like to see to your very own webmistress at [email protected]. I'm open to make affiliates as well, so if you too just so happen to have your own site, I wouldn't mind trading links in the least. Thanks for your cooperation, and keep in touch.♥

It has come to my attention... July 18 2008.

I need a new blog, so here's what I present to you. This is not just any blog, NO. This is the blog in which I will make strict deadlines and vow to keep them. Blog updates will occur every other Friday, but I'm sure that number will increase when more content is uploaded to the site.

That, of course, is the problem. The content. As of right now I am no longer in possession of my graphics program of choice, and therefore I must wait until it once again becomes available to me. I had a job interview the other day, so the chances of me being able to purchase it soon are highly likely. Wish me luck.♥

And so it begins... June 24 2008.

Well, here it is. Nervous Perverse. Of course we have to deal with the Geocities bar on the right; there's no getting rid of that until I'm paid for. So what is it exactly that we(the website and I) are striving to be? The purpose is to provide. I am aware that there's nothing here yet, so please be patient as I get everything uploaded and in order. Until then, let's be content with a website. Step One is complete.♥

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