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Not Really NEWS:
7/24/01: Well I got another up finally.  I'm going to try and get a new one up every week or three or four up evey month.  Also tell me what you all think, Roy and I can use the feed back.  You can also send me your ideas for a Head Shot! and get a sub-billing under that Shot.
3/29/04: Well, guess that goal was blown to hell.  Alot has been happening in my life though, in my defense.  In any event.  I'm going to try and start getting more comics up again.  At least something up if not a comic.  May take a bit of time to really get going again though, as my scanner crapped out. 
                 I'm thinking about re-drawing some of these.  Especially comic 2 "Where does it hurt".  I'm toying with the idea of making this into a full comic instead of a single pannel.  We'll see.  My art needs more work no matter what I do and this is a good way of getting that practice.  I've been heavily influenced lately by
Megatokyo.  Incredable is all I can say.  You all need to go there are read it....and buy his stuff (lol).  Anyway, back to brainstorming.....try not to hurt myself this time....
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