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    Hello! Greetings, I am the newest areafoam team member! My handle is barneyfife, and yes, I am the one from NO and NC. I hope to write many wonderful reviews, and a few articles. I have taken the liberty of writing a review of Duke, my L'n'L. You can find it under reviews. If my writing sucks, don't hesitate to tell me about it at [email protected] Thanks, see yah ;)
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Ocelots are small, endangered wildcats that live on the shrub-filled lands of southern Texas. Their diet primarily consists of rabbits and small rodents--although they've been known to hunt the occasional snake. And they usually don't grow more than 30 pounds in weight. Their spotted coat provides them with excellent camouflage, especially when hunting at night.
What's an Ocelot?
W007!  gad this game looks pretty... makes me wish I had a ps2
  Is MGS2 cool?  Do you think that air will catch on as a breathing medium?  You bet!  I love to find all those stupid incredibly sharp and totally useless details... like the fact that ice clumped together melts slower then singular ice cubes....
find all about this crap at

    Um... the pictures property of gamespot not me them not me get it? them T-H-E-M.... AARRRGH!!! THE LEMMINGS!!! THEY'RE COMING!!!!!!!!! *gasp*
  From Snoo-

  I was just looking at this site in it's horrible neglected state, and decided to update it.  Just kidding.  The only reason I'm here is to add another rant or two.

  The scoop on all those broken links-  they're there so we can totally neglect those portions of the site and say we update them every day.

  As a side note- I'm in the process of making a platform game like abuse (, and I need an animator for me graphics.
Email me if you're interested.

  Another note, when if you go to some of the pages on this site and you see them in a completely different layout- That's the result of my total ignorance of them when changing the look of the site.  If you dont like it, dont go there.  Neither do I.

        Signing off-

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