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Nerat Weyr has formal approval to operate and is now open for Roleplay!
Last Update: 11th November 2004

This is a role playing group based on Anne McCaffrey's Pern(tm) series. We exist in an alternate timeline where AIVAS will never be discovered, eliminating the Long Intervals. This means that the Fifth Pass happened on schedule in Turn 1008 (rather than 1258) and all dates after are similarly affected. Our timeline begins in 1018, ten years into the Fifth Pass.

So named for the nearby major hold, Nerat Weyr is the southern part of the Eastern Range, above Nerat Hold. The Weyr is charged with the protection of all Nerat, eastern Keroon and the most southern half of Benden.

The weyr was founded shortly before the Fifth Pass began to take the strain off neighboring Ista, Igen and Benden Weyrs, with one junior queen sent from each. Landra and Torarith from Ista, Dessa and Saytineth from Igen and Aquina and Risyth from Benden all left their weyrs with at least 3 clutches successfully hatched. Saytineth rose first and was caught by bronze Ghadeneith, making P'ladin and Dessa weyrleaders. Under their leadership, the new weyr prospered and two young queens have hatched on Nerat's sands since the start of the Pass.

Nerat Weyr now houses 5 mature golds and a full compliment of fighting dragons. They have settled into the pattern of fighting thread every two days as it falls over their territory.

However, not all is peaceful. The holds are crowded and full of discontent as crop yields have shrunk, pinching the guts of all Pern. The holders refuse to curb their procreation and the crafts are over run with inept apprentices. Holds regularly send groups of young adults to the weyrs with little hope of them impressing, just to relieve the crowding. The situation is ripe for any number of calamities.

Roleplay at Nerat Weyr is via email. No archives of roleplay or roleplay itself will appear online or in a non-members-only publication.

Nerat Weyr operates through two YahooGroups. The first is NeratOOC, a list for non-RP communication and discussion. The second is Nerat_Weyr, the list where all roleplay occurs.
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Check this page to see a list of currently approved Personas at Nerat Weyr.

If you are interested in joining Nerat Weyr, please review the Rules.

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