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My SE Home
Name: Lee Wee Keng
Date Of Birth: If you know, then MUST give me presents har!
Isn't it obivious from the photo?!?! =P
No need to visit me lah!
Place Of Study: Nanyang Technological University
Course Of Study: Computer Engineering
My Opinion Of Software Engineering:-

It helps me to understand that "no man is an island" in the development of softwares. It also clarifies alot of misconceptions, which I had in the past, pertaining to the development of softwares. For example, I learnt that we need to work in teams with professionals from different related fields in order to minimise the time and effort in writing the software while mazimising the amount of work done. We need to constantly updating our customers on the progress on the development. Moreover, developing a software is not an easy task too. We need to do cost estimates at the beginning and error-testing along the way. Hence, I believe that, upon completing this module, I will be trained as a software engineer with the necessary skills to handle any situations in the development of softwares.
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