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November 13th, 1420

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A devastating earthquake rocked the small island country of Junta, off the northern coast of Kia yesterday. As many as 20,000 are feared dead and another 15,000 homeless and lost. Tidal waves smashed into the country of Komon, only 190 KM from Junta, as well as smashing into cities on Neptunia. Westfield, Penalia, Temptation, Cerillia, and Crystal, Cerillia, were the hardest hit, each being declared a disaster area.

The Prime Minsiter was quick to send word that help was on the way. She was on a trip in Australis but made a statement that she would be flying out to the disaster areas to get a first hand look. She also pledged any help she could. As well, she said that Parliament OK'd funds to help any of the countries hit hard, especially Junta.

"Our first priority is Neptunia, obviously," she stated, "but we must remember that, as part of the global community, we must help out other countries. If it was the other way around, they would help us. We have citizens with family in Junta and Komon. What kind of people would we be to stand by and watch them suffer? We are caring people in Neptunia. We help out our fellow man, and I belive in that."

Quick Sports

Hockey (Playoffs)

Kodiak 3, Thunder Bay 2 (OT)
(Thunder Bay leads Best of 7 West Final 3-2)

Football (pre-season)

Modesto 27 Aurora 16

Hedgehog 40 Buena Vista 32

Hot 5 Songs

1) If these walls could talk - Anita

2) Scooby Do hoochy koo – Rascal Pascal

3) Smoke from the fire – Shallow Blue

4) Lolita - Sarisota

5) What’s that crawling up my pants leg? – Q2

Hot 5 Albums

1) Presented by Pepsi – Various Artists

2) Still the one - Neo

3) Flying - Arizona

4) I don't want to miss that sweet taste of life – Sarisota

5) Hotel Cassanova – The Hawks


Hot 5 Movies

1) Catalina Sunrise

2) Million Dollar Booty

3) State Unfair

4) Two Grizzled Old Neighbors Fight

5) Big Sinking Ship


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