New story coming very soon, I promise. I know its after christmas now, but going back to uni was chaotic, it should be ready soon. Please keep checking!
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Hello, welcome to my site, this houses all my fanfic, past and present. This is a small change from my previous website which had more fancy stuff on it and I got bored of it and went back to basics, so this is my new layout. I no longer have an episode guide, mine was crap, if you want really good episode info go to Some small tips - to get back to this page click the 'Stargate SG-1 fiction' area at the top of each page. Also for added amusement, let your mouse hover over the top of the pictures and see what is revealed.....

NEW season 7 info new details are starting to filter through about the upcoming season 7, I'm not giving away any plot details but one of the new eps is titled 'Fragile Balance' for plot details about this new ep, go to:

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