It's the last domain of the nut-job wacko who has been kicked out of every UFO watchers group, and psychics therapy session. However the weather control subject is total fiction. OR IS IT? New evidence shows amongst Governments, weather manipulation is common knowledge...
Weather Control>? c'mon!.
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Contact Imilac today about a text file called 9-11. Based on his US printed book.
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As his polls slump to the lowest levels of his 10 year dictatorship, (28%) Howard seeks to become as popular as
Pauline Hanson by trying to look like her.
Supernovae event "unlikely" 19th April 2006
Top-notch science blokes have determined a Deadly "Supernovae explosion wiping out life would be "unlikely" to occur in our galaxy. (Phew.. thank goodness,,)A high intensity galactic supernova, that smashes worlds with its cosmic rays.  Ohio Astronomers have found the events are pretty rare in these here parts.      Read the amazing true story for yourself. Definately worth a read or 2.
Mt Rushmore to
be "refaced"
A Shocking new plan to remodel MT RUSHMORE has environmentalists unhappy and historians fuming.
The Bush family wants to
rename it MT BUSHWAR
  and showcas
e its
favourite dictators.
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More and more products are "  donating" millions of dollars to various "candidates" who support their
gives to who and
how much?
The "Eternal Flame" in a black pond of water that looks ironically like OIL. It was officially  lit by the queen (HM Elizabeth II)  (and extinguished nightly by drunks and local yobbos)  to remember the fallen diggers sits in front of  the War Memorial Kings Park Perth. WA
Above: Imilac the man
Above: Minuet the lady
Sorry about that chief.....
The chimp does it again..
Gossip has been rife in chatrooms lately about the presidential marriage and its blunders and boobs, ups and downs, all emanating from the boob known as the Resident of the USA : George "Feed me a banana" Bush.
Most speculation points to a RIFT between the alien being known as LAURA and the primate known as George.
Possibly the strongest thing feeding such idle gossip is the fact that laura has moved out of the Whitehouse with its opulance, its handservants called Manuel  and handymaidens called Maria into a plush Washington Hotel down the road.
How do we know this? Firstly, Manuel and Maria are regular readers of this website.  As well they have shown us the following pictures:
BELOW: After recent affairs with both Male prostitute Jeff Gannon and Polish ambassador, one wonders whom the man would be in the relationship pictures below.  While the administration try their best to ignore the "affair " and roll their eyes... Bush and Condi have eyes only for each other...
ABOVE: A sinister reptillian Laura
Bush glare says it all: U cheatin mongrel GeorgeJunior... just u wait..
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