Manakamana Temple

Manakamana is the name of a Hindu Goddess. It is believed that the Goddess fulfills the wishes of the people. The term ‘mana’ means the ‘heart’ or ‘soul’ and ‘kamana’ means the ‘wish’. The most popular temple of Manakamana is in Gorkha. The others are in various places like Tumlingtar. It is said that a King of Gorkha was blessed by the goddess to get victory over small kingdoms and make a big Gorkha.Manakamana of Tumlingtar is a popular place for a specific fair called Ekadashi.

Manakamana by Cablecar

Cable car is the newly introduced phenomenon in Nepal which becomes extremely popular among the local and tourist which takes you up on a spiritual adventure to the abode of Goddess Manakamana - “the wish fulfilling Goddess”. The cable car is situated in Kurintar, 104 km to the west of Kathmandu on the highway to Pokhara. Manakamana temple lies 12 km south of historic town Gorkha and located on the hilltop (1302m) overlooking the river valleys of Trisuli (south) and Marshyandi (west) with breathtaking views of the Manaslu-Himalchuli and Annapurna massifs to the north. The cable car ride to Manakamana Temple takes 10 minute more or less. The ride covers a distance of 2.8 Km with the seating capacity of 6 people in each car. The adventure is in getting your wishes fulfilled. There are some good Resorts at the cable car station Kurintar, dedicated to serving tourists.




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