Trekkingin Nepal
The best way to experience Nepal’s unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural richness is trekking.

Trekking does not mean mountain climbing but refers to walking on trails. Neither you need any advanced training nor have to be very sportive. So anyone with a pair of strong legs and adventurer spirit will enjoy the thrills of trekking in the foothills of Nepal Himalayas.

Tamang Heritage Trekking

The trail ends at Briddim which lies on the lap of Langtang Himal. Briddim offers warm Tamang hospitality at the home-stays run by community members. In addition, visitors can also visit local monasteries of Dukchu Gomba (monastery) chosen as sacred site by the great Tibetan Lama - Guru Rinpoche and Chukla Khnaga Gomba.Tamang Heritage Trails Trekking Langtang

Ghale Gaun Trekking

Those people who wish to experience isolated parts of Nepal once upon make an exceptional trek to untouched destinations. The most significant features of the regions offer you encounter with real Himalayan hubs, special. Ghale Gaun Trekking

Special Mustang Trek

Mustang is an ancient Himalayan Kingdom which lies in the northern central part of Nepal and at the top of the Kaligandaki River. Upper Mustang consists of two distinct regions: the southern part and the northern where the languages, read more with Itinerary at a glance.>>>

Mountain Sickness
New Trekking Trails












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