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Demystifying the Sovereign Secret of the Soul
Sushil Kumar Vasudeva

Both oriental and occidental philosophers have penned down volumes on the mystery of the soul - the energizing force within all beings. Books on this most profound mystery have been essayed by theologians, philosophers and intellectuals of repute. Despite umpteen endeavors, success has eluded them. This does not imply that the mystery has never been unraveled. Rather, it is a sovereign secret which only a perfect sage, savant or prophet can demystify. When such a divine personality goes about this divine endeavor, the course of human history is changed. Even physical scientists, particularly the quantum physicists, have not lagged behind to draft pieces that have been read worldwide with interest and curiosity. But the mystery remains a mystery, albeit waiting eagerly to be unraveled. Soul being subtle of the subtlest is the domain of spirituality - the supreme science of introversion.

Demystification constitutes manifestation of innate divinity of man. More than ever in the human history, its unfoldment is desperately called for, given the obnoxious environs we human beings have built around ourselves worldwide. The very survival of the humanity is in danger.

Nothing except manifestation of the common divine cord and its consequent realization, through wholesale dissemination of divine knowledge, holds promise of a certain reversal of apocalyptic conditions. These conditions are ready to erupt and engulf the whole world into the inferno which does not seem to leave any sign of life on earth. Until one contemplates, reflects and meditates upon the divine light of the soul, moral, ethical and spiritual values are unthinkable. This calls for someone who can demystify and reveal to us our soul within.

It is the manifestation of the common divine cord permeating through all beings - the soul - which can plug the narrow confines of parochialism and ethnicity. This is so because realization of oneness of all - the pervading Self - has to be preceded by its manifestation. Until revelation of inherent divinity is made accessible and done in a comprehensive manner, higher collective consciousness will just not be feasible. Raising humanity to a higher collective consciousness level is the prime key to global peace.

Every perfect sage both in the West and elsewhere in the world stressed upon the revelation of the eternal verity which is nothing but seeing and experiencing the soul -- the activating agent and underlying oneness of all beings. We human beings have preferred to run after and eulogize the miracles associated with divine personalities. We never tried to catch up with the quintessential dimension of the knowledge which they imparted. Notwithstanding linguistic, geographical and circumstantial differences, the essence of divine knowledge they imparted has been same.

All God-incarnates in the garb of a prophet, saint or a perfect spiritual master seem to have operated within a specified geographical segment, but the teachings were meant for all. This appears to be both a divine design and need-based divine endeavor. Only Gautama Buddha is known to have taken the eternal knowledge as far wide as the entire Asian Continent.

All messengers of God immaculately handed down to posterity the same eternal verity unlike what we see today when we have plethora of prelates and clerics unhesitatingly selling religion and spirituality. No manmade knowledge or methodology can match the eternal knowledge to elevate mankind from abysmal depths of despair.

All genuine preceptors are content to affirm that they are only restating the teachings of their former masters. They do not lay claim to originality but affirm that they are expounding the ancient truth which is the final norm by which all teachings are judged. Saint Augustine rightly called it "the wisdom that was not made; but is as present as it has ever been, so shall ever be".

Revelation is not for simply a handful of people. So long as the human heart has qualities of devotion, God will disclose His secret to them. Divine self-communication is possible wherever we have sincerity and a sense of need. Religious revelation is not a past event. It is that which continues to be. It is possible for all beings and not the privilege of a few. Jesus Christ had rightly told Pilate - "Everyone that is of the Truth heareth my voice".

Let me assure dear readers, from personal and of thousands others' experience, that it is possible even today. A hard core atheist that I was is sharing it with brothers and sisters all over the world. Religious peregrinations and ostentation really infuriated me for the simple reason that no one taught spirituality as a science of experience.

When you probe the psychological depths of your being, when you try and fathom the inner most recesses of this mysterious Self that pervades your every thought, word and deed, nay even your very life, you intuitively glimpse the indivisible umbilical oneness of the Self with the Universal Self. But, this is only an imaginative mental exercise and intellectual delight of a teacher of human psychology. Believe me, it can become a way of life. All can experience it in a practical manner with the blessings of a perfect sage.

I am fortunate to have had a chance encounter with such a sage who can reveal to anyone his innate divinity by mere touch or wish. That encounter has now taken the form of union. The sage, Sri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj, is a divine personality in the disguise of a human embodiment. Sitting close to his lotus feet, I ventured to ask, "How do I believe people who say that you can manifest the inherent divinity, make one undergo supersensuous experience of the soul and show God to the seekers"? He promptly replied, "You should not". The tone and spontaneity literally humbled me. In complete surrender I said, "Sir, why"? The sage responded, "Believe not until you have personally experienced".

Words will not suffice to describe the wondrous cosmic experience I had like others who have been initiated by him. Regular meditation on effulgent divine light of soul transforms one from within. Living a householder's life and performing secular duties, one finds oneself in close touch with divinity. Consecration of everything one does with true spirit of renunciation becomes a visible reality. One leads a full and harmonious life. Slowly but surely, one starts comprehending the Cosmic Mind. Grumbling gets replaced by soulful acceptance of the divine designs.

There is no dearth of talk shows, lectures, etc., emphasizing upon the need to arouse peace consciousness. Remember, no amount of sermons howsoever logical and rational these may be, can bring about the desired changes in the inner core. Any change that takes place is only short lived. Lasting change takes place when a genuine preceptor reveals to you your divine core and you meditate on the divine light of soul. Slowly and steadily, you are one with the Supreme that He is. Description about the grandiosity and nature of soul will not help. Experiencing it holds the key to all the human maladies. Even chronic diseases get wiped out. Such is the power of eternal knowledge.

Just as lions are not found in herds, swans in queues and precious pearls in sacks, a Saint who can impart this supra-mental experience is one in billions. Sri Ashutosh Ji has gratuitously undertaken the momentous task of disseminating eternal knowledge worldwide, without distinction of any sort and with a view to arousing higher collective consciousness. He says that:

"Revelation of the supreme secret - the soul within - is vehemently needed today, not in small measure (both numerically and geographically) but on a global scale, to make the sane thought of arousing worldwide peace consciousness, a tangible reality".

Contributed By Sushil Kumar Vasudeva

Sushil Kumar Vasudeva is the author of approximately 90 published articles in newspapers and magazines of repute on spirituality, philosophy, theology, religion, etc. Graduate in Personnel Management and Human Psychology from Delhi University, Mr. Vasudeva is a Government of India Civil Service Officer. He is also a disciple of Satguru Sri Ashutosh Ji Maharaj (Spiritual Head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan You can reach him at [email protected]

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