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May 31, 2005 - I'm alive

Two years of no updates probably have made you think this project has died (and maybe that I've disappeared from the face of the earth . Anyways, many of you are wondering about the status of this project and I can tell you it is still going. I know a lot more Japanese than I did 2.5 years ago when I released my last patch. So, if all goes well this summer, then maybe a rough draft can be released by the end of the year

To celebrate my so-called return, I've redesigned the site to hopefully be more friendly to Geocities. However, I'll see if I can secure webhosting somewhere else that will allow me to use PHP support

By the way, I have received many emails pertaining to the Bill Transporter card bug. My thoughts on it is there is something I must have overwritten in the text data that I am modifying. As a result, a temporary work around is if you need to go past that card, make a save state, replace the game with the japanese version of the game, load the save state, and work your way through it, make another save stage, and then put back the english version.

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