26 Sept 2009 *Important*: YAHOO GEOCITIES IS CLOSING...

So, Meowpillay's Neoquest 2 Maps & Stuff is moving!

I'm currently in the process of moving my pages and stuff to my new site in Google Sites: http://sites.google.com/site/nq2maps/

The new site is a work in progress at the moment (when I get some free time to update it) but it should be up and running before 26 Oct 2009.
You might want to save the new link as a favourite ;)

Alternatively, you can use www.neonuttersofneopia.com/neoquest2/
I previously gave the owner the permission & materials to use in a once-off move. However, do take note that it is a static site and I will not rectify or update any changes if any so don't come pointing out any ole errors in my forum when I have corrected them in my existing page...

Cheers & Happy NQ2-ing

Maps in each chapter are arranged in the order of first appearance.

All maps are present except for redundant maps like the Village of Trestin and Lost Island maps which are placed in the Miscellaneous Section. Surely you don't need that 2 maps to figure out where you have to go?

Look carefully for the map you want. It might have placed ahead on the list because you need to use it beforehand.

New to NQ2?

Don't know how to start? Getting started might answer some of your questions.

Chapter Walkthrough: Step-by-step guide through the entire NQ2, connecting all the maps together.

Unsure of skill points/hitpoints/experience points? Skill Related Stuff is for you...

Monsters and Bosses: Know your enemies' abilities.

Level to fight Bosses: Tips & Suggested levels you should be at when fighting bosses.

Inventory: List of weapon/armour/potion you may buy or receive in the various chapters.

Transcripts: Recapture what the non-playing characters have said in each chapter.

Miscellaneous : Has short clips, quotes, prize info & useless nq2 maps

Screenshots: Screenies of strange encounters, skills and weapon tests

And when you are totally sick of NQ2 and truly wish to be bored further, read the data analysis section for some blahblah findings... :P

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