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Secret Mini-Pet Training School
Did you always dream that your Mini-Pet wasn't so... pathetic? Especially the Fuzz and the Moeboid. They have no arms, legs, or a speciality... So, some people are willing to train your Mini-Pet for just 1000 PP! Right here!
Skiggle the Camouflator
'Hiding is more important then whatever! Your Pet must become as sneaky as possible, and be a thief!'
Mageus the Magician
'If you give me your Mini-Pet, I will read him a lot of books. He will get very smart. Then he will get some spells! That is handy in a fight! Choose for the witch class!'
Padrus the Grass Warrior
' Fuzz and Moeboid have not much of an attack! Give them hand, and they will pack some punch! The warrior is the best choice!'
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