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Neopets Stamp Album

- Mystery Island -
Mystery Island Kougra Stamp Mystery Island Aishas StampCoco StampJhuidah StampIsland Native Stamp
Mystery Island Hut StampAssorted Fruits StampTriangular Flotsam StampZeenana StampMystery Island Grarrl Stamp
Island Acara StampHaiku StampMystery Island Heads StampBottle of Sand StampIsland Uni Stamp
Mystery Island Chef StampTombola StampMystery Island Kiko StampIsland Mystic StampRyshu Stamp
Need a Better Printer StampUpside Down Island Acara StampOne Hundred Million Neopoint StampMisaligned Printer StampNibbled Cooking Pot Stamp

- Virtupets -
Grimilix StampNeopet Version 2 StampGormball StampSplat-A-Sloth StampDr. Sloth Stamp
Space Faerie StampGrinning Sloth StampZygorax StampPurple Grundo StampCommander Garoo Stamp
Roast Gargapple StampN4 Bot StampBlarthrox StampTazzalor StampZyrolon Stamp
Advert Attack StampEvil Fuzzles StampGargarox Isafuhlarg StampMutant Grundo StampZurroball Stamp
Double Printed Evil Fuzzle StampInverted Space Faerie StampGrundo Warehouse StampVirtupets Space Station StampHolographic Virtupets Stamp

- Tyrannia -
Chomby StampTyrannian Elephante StampGrarrg StampTyrannian Kougra StampTyrannia Stamp
Omelette StampTar Pit StampWock Til You Drop StampTyrannian Grarrl StampChunk of Meat Stamp
Tyrannian Kyrii StampTyrannian JubJub StampTyrannian Korbat StampTyrannian Blumaroo StampTyrannian Plateau Stamp
Flying Korbats StampStone Armchair StampGiant Leaf Curtains StampBone Chair StampTyrannian Usul Stamp
Monocerous StampKyruggi StampDiscovery of Fire StampShiny Monoceraptor StampStone Stamp

- Haunted Woods -
Brain Tree StampEsophagor StampFetch! StampHaunted Mansion StampSpyder Stamp
Scary Tree StampHubrid Nox StampMutant Usul StampRock StampCarnival of Terror Stamp
Korbats Lab StampLuperus Left Head StampLuperus Centre Head StampLuperus Right Head StampHalloween Aisha Stamp
Spooky Gravestone StampMoonlit Werelupe StampMoonlit Esophagor StampEdna the Zafara StampGlowing Brain Tree
ARGH!!!! DONNA STAMPCount Von Roo StampMisprint Meuka StampHolographic Magax StampFoil Slorg Stamp

- Neopia Central -
Alien Aisha Vending StampOrange Skeith StampSkeith Bank Manager StampRobot Skeith StampHuberts Hot Dogs Stamp
Wishing Well StampMoney Tree StampRainbow Pool StampKauvara StampShop Wizard Stamp
Book Shop Nimmo StampPetpets StampSeasonal StampNeolodge StampYear 5 Stamp
Deluxe Money Tree StampNeopian Hospital StampJelly Pop StampJelly World StampUsukiland Stamp
Super Bright Rainbow Pool StampFoil Food Shop StampChocolate Factory StampMidnight Jelly World StampNeopia Central Scene

- NeoQuest -
NeoQuest Logo StampNeoQuest Hero StampJahbal StampRotting Skeleton StampMist Kougra Stamp
Plains Aisha StampTwo Rings Archmagus StampBoraxis the Healer StampTwo Rings Crusader StampPomanna Stamp
Mokti and Rikti StampMr Irgo StampBlack Bearog StampGatekeeper StampLeirobas Stamp
Archmagus of Roo StampGolden Mr Irgo StampZombie Faleinn StampKreai StampMorax Dorangis Stamp
Guardian Of Spectral Magic StampTylix StampEleus StampGors The Mighty StampXantan Stamp

- Snowy Valley -
Snow Wars Catapult StampRainbow Slushie StampFrosty Snowman StampWintery Petpet Shop StampWintery Bruce Stamp
Christmas Meerca StampTerror Mountain Scene StampIgloo Garage Sale StampRink Runner StampChristmas Kougra Stamp
Christmas Uni StampChristmas Zafara StampScratchcard Kiosk StampCandychan StampGrundo Snow Throw Stamp
Stocking StampCliffhanger StampChristmas Scene StampSHFISS StampNegg Faerie Stamp
Snow Faerie StampSki Lodge StampSnowager StampSnowbunny StampSticky Snowflake Stamp

- Meridell vs. Darigan -
Meridell Heroes StampDarigan Citadel StampMeridell Castle StampGreen Knight StampLisha vs Zombie Lisha Stamp
Morris StampSkeith Defender StampDarigan Moehog StampBoris StampDraik Guard Stamp
Yellow Knight StampMeridell Shield StampDrackonack StampDarigan Shield StampDarigan Eyrie Stamp
Turmaculus StampDarigan Elemental StampIllusen StampJeran StampGolden Orb Stamp
Zombified Heroes StampLord Darigan StampKing Skarl StampMaster Vex StampDarigan Spectre Stamp

- Lost Desert -
Golden Khamette StampDesert Petpet StampPyramid Sun Rise StampLost Desert Grarrl StampAdvisor Wessle Stamp
Senator Palpus StampMidnight Desert LupeUmmagine StampOsiris Pottery StampSenator Barca Stamp
Desert Paint Brush StampPeopatra StampGrackle Bug StampPrincess Sankara StampLost Desert Scroll Stamp
Lost Desert Sphinx StampTug Of War StampFruit Machine StampSakhmet Palace StampHolographic Sakhmet City
Geb StampColtzan StampScarab StampLucky Coin StampHolographic Coltzans Shrine

- The Battledome -
Sword of Skardsen StampAttack Pea StampSlorg Flakes StampFaerie Slingshot StampHubrids Puzzle Box Stamp
Eraser of the Dark Faerie StampJhudoras Bewitched Ring StampEverlasting Crystal Apple StampSword of the Air Faerie StampJewelled Scarab Stamp
Rod Of Dark Nova StampJade Scorchstone StampThyoras Tear StampExploding Space Bugs StampMonoceraptor Claw Stamp
Wand Of The Dark Faerie StampAlien Aisha Myriad StampAlien Aisha Ray Gun StampKings Lens StampRing of Sloth Stamp
Illusens Staff StampShield Of Pion Troect StampRainbow Sticky Hand StampDark Battle Duck StampBattle Slices Stamp

- Coins -
Silver Babaa CoinBook CoinBrass Usuki CoinMoney Tree CoinRainbow Pool Coin
Eliv Thade CoinTurtum CoinSilver Buzzer CoinSnow Paint Brush CoinFrozen Snowflake Coin
Silver Concert Hall CoinHasee CoinBronze Mystery Island CoinGolden Scarab CoinGiant Ghostkerchief Coin
Defenders Of Neopia CoinGoo Blaster CoinLarnikin CoinPaint Brush CoinChocolate Factory Coin
Battledome CoinDr Sloth CoinCrystal Kauvara CoinNeopian Times CoinEmerald Eyrie Coin

- Battle For Meridell -
Dark Graspberry StampGelert Prince StampSunblade StampMeridell Gardens StampPetpet Growth Syrup Stamp
Zafara Princess StampGallion StampQuiggle Scout StampBlugthak StampCastle Defender Stamp
Usul-in-waiting StampBlumaroo Court Jester StampKing Skarl Plushie StampNova Storm Stamp105 Castle Secrets Stamp
Exploding Acorns StampZafara Double Agent StampBattle Uni StampCourt Dancer StampHadrak Stamp
Morguss StampMeerca Spy StampThe Great Battle StampLord Kass StampThe Three Stamp

- NeoQuest II -
Trestin StampLibrarian StampRohanes Mother StampTemple Of The Sky StampHubrid Noxs Mountain Fortress Stamp
NeoQuest II Logo StampDevilpuss StampCelestial Talisman StampSlime Titan StampKolvars Stamp
Rampaging Grundonoil StampNorthern Watch Tower StampLost City of Phorofor StampShadow Gulch StampVon Roos Castle Stamp
Velm StampTalinia StampRohane StampMipsy StampSword Of Apocalypse Stamp
NeoQuest II Esophagor StampScuzzy StampAnubits StampRamtor StampTerask Stamp

- Other -
Golden Coco StampDice-A-Roo StampLutari Uni StampCommemorative Defenders Stamp #1Destruct-O-Match Stamp
Commemorative Defenders Stamp #2Grand Theft Ummagine StampNo StampNo StampAttack of the Slorgs Stamp
No StampNo StampCommemorative Defenders Stamp #3Happy Lutari StampNo Stamp
Mystery Island Travel StampNo StampNo StampNo StampCommemorative Defenders Stamp #4
Altador Travel StampNo StampNo StampNo StampNo Stamp

- Space Station Coins -
Grundo Veggieballs CoinGrobleen Salad CoinCosmic Cheese Stars CoinRoast Gargapple CoinZoomik Coin
Vacumatic 9000 CoinN-4 Information Retrieval Bot CoinGX-4 Oscillabot CoinGargaroxs Recipe Book CoinGormball Coin
Electro Shield CoinH4000 Helmet CoinGrundo Warehouse CoinAdopt A Grundo CoinEvil Fuzzle Coin
Splat A Sloth CoinAstral Blade CoinLever of Doom CoinSuper Nova CoinMallow Coin
Bzzt Blaster CoinGorix and Cylara CoinNeopet V2 CoinSmiling Space FaerieScowling Sloth Coin

- Evil Coconuts -
Angry Evil CoconutSinister Evil CoconutUgly Evil CoconutScreaming Evil CoconutHorned Evil Coconut
Infernal Evil CoconutBurning Evil CoconutMini Evil CoconutSilent Evil CoconutMonstrous Evil Coconut
Tusked Evil CoconutHairy Evil CoconutPainted Evil CoconutStitched Evil CoconutWailing Evil Coconut
Light Brown Evil CoconutDamaged Evil CoconutFlaming Evil CoconutSeasonal Evil CoconutOne Eyed Evil Coconut
Vicious Evil CoconutMoaning Evil CoconutSliced Evil CoconutScorched Evil CoconutGolden Evil Coconut

- Sea Shells -
Green Clam ShellPurple Scallop ShellGlossy Blue ShellGreen Smooth ShellTangerine Trumpet Shell
Brown Spotted ShellRainbow Coloured ShellSpiky ShellCrimson Spotted ShellCamouflage Scallop Shell
Pink Curly ShellShiny Purple Cowry ShellBlue Spiral Sea ShellFaerie Wings ShellSpiky Orange Murex Shell
Sparkly Green Scallop ShellDazzling Blue Mussel ShellDeep Sea ShellPurple Spiral ShellBlue and Gold Tube Shell
Tiny Golden ShellMatching Pastel ShellsRoyal Orange Cowry ShellPurple Twirly ShellGolden Shell

- Maraquan -
Maractite Dagger StampPiraket StampSeaweed Necklace StampPetty Crewmate StampMaraquan Defenders Stamp
Pirate Attack StampGoregas StampThe Black Pawkeet StampScurvy Island StampNew Maraqua Stamp
Pirate Troops StampMaraquan Troops StampChasm Beast StampThe Drenched StampMaraquan Charger Stamp
Maraquan Blade Specialist StampGarin To The Rescue StampCaylis StampSwordsmaster Talek StampThe Revenge Stamp
Jacques StampGarin StampIsca StampCaptain Scarblade StampKing Kelpbeard Stamp

- Altador -
Siyana StampFirst Edition Altador Petpet StampFauna StampJerdana StampThe Wave Stamp
Marak StampAltadorian Farmer StampGordos StampPsellia StampSecond Edition Altador Petpet Stamp
Perfectly Flat Rock StampKelland StampAltador Food StampFlorin StampAstronomy Club Stamp
Finneus StampAltador Magic StampThe Sleeper Constellation StampTorakor StampAngry Janitor Stamp
Darkest Faerie StampSasha StampYooyu Celebration StampKing Altador StampAltador Colosseum Stamp

- Shenkuu -
Shenkuu City StampKentari StampNegg Noodles StampLinae StampShenkuu Stamp
Orange Draik StampCaptain Tuan StampAnshu StampNo StampKazeriu Stamp
Bonju StampPineapple Dessert StampCyodrakes Gaze Logo StampNo StampKentari Spyglass Stamp
Hoban StampThoughtful Linae StampNo StampShumi Telescope StampBiyako Stamp
The Cyodrakes Gaze StampAnshu Fishing StampNo StampQuilin StampNo Stamp

- Charms -
Nimmo Gnome Collectable CharmChia Gnome Collectable CharmYellow Paint Brush Collectable CharmNo StampChomby Gnome Collectable Charm
No StampGreen Paint Brush Collectable CharmNo StampNo StampBori Gnome Collectable Charm
No StampNo StampNo StampRed Paint Brush Collectable CharmNo Stamp
No StampNo StampNo StampBlue Paint Brush Collectable CharmNo Stamp
No StampNo StampNo StampNo StampNo Stamp

All Neopets images and text are Copyright 2000-2009 Neopets, Inc.
All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission.

Last Updated on 29 Mar 2009 By Jim

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