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Battle Stuff
Faerie Queen Castle - Hidden Tower
Defence Magic
Wonderous Weaponry
Space Weaponry
Space Armoury
Ice Crystal Shop
Tyrannian Weaponry
Battle Supplies
Haunted Weaponry
Brightvale Armoury
Brightvale Motery
Maracitite Marvels
Battle Magic
Desert Arms
Faerie Weapon
Illustrious Armoury
Magical Marvels
Book Shops
Printing Press
Faerie Bookshop
Suteks Scrolls
Booktastic Books
Brightvale Books
The Scrollery
Words Of Antiquity
Collectable Card Shop
Post Office
Coin Collection
SeaShell Shop
Colouring Pages
Brightvale Colouring Pages
Darigan Citadel Colouring Pages
Faerieland Colouring Pages
Haunted Woods Colouring Pages
Kiko Lake Colouring Pages
Krawk Island Colouring Pages
Kreludor Colouring Pages
Maraqua Colouring Pages
Geraptiku Colouring Pages
Roo Island Colouring Pages
The Lost Desert Colouring Pages
Tyrannian Cave Painting
Winter Holiday Tags
Neopet Masks
The Two Tailors

New! New! New! 19 Mar 09

Ever Stocked General Store

New! New! New! 19 May 09

Neohomes NP Superstore
Food Shop
Exotic Foods
Crumpet Monger
The Chocolate Factory
Health Food Shop
Smoothie Shop
Tropical food shop
Grundos Cafe
Spooky Foods
The Coffee Shop
Slushie Shop
Snow Shop
Faerie Foods
Tyrannian Foods
Huberts Hot Dogs
Lost Desert Foods
Meridell Foods
Jelly Food
Kiko Lake Treats
Cafe Kreludor
Brightvale Fruits
Qasalan Delights
Exquisite Ambrosia
Chesterdrawers Antiques
Furniture Shop
Tyrannian Furniture
Osiris Pottery
Spooky Furniture
Kiko Lake Carpentry
PetPet Supplies
Kreludan Homes
Faerie Furniture
Roo Island Merchandise
Brightvale Glaziers
Fanciful Fauna
Garden Centre

Gift Shop
Tiki Tack Gifts
Roo Island Merchandise

Mystical Surroundings
Remarkable Restoratives
The Pharmacy
Magic Shop
Kaylas Potions
Royal Potionery
Lost Desert Medicine
Musical Instruments
Neopian Music Shop

Pets, Petpets
Neopean PetPet Shop
Robopet Shop
The Rock Pool
Spooky Pets
Faerie PetPets
Tyrannian PetPets
Peopatra's PetPets
Ye Olde PetPets
Wintery PetPets
PetPet Supplies
Maraquan PetPets
Pet Pet Shop
Legendary PetPets
The Neopian Hospital
The Neopean Pound
Space Adoption Agency
School / Training
Back To School
Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy- Dubloons Needed Here
Mystery Island Training School- Codestones Needed Here
Secret Ninja Training School- Level 250 Pet and a Red Codestone

Toy Shop
Darigan Toys
Plushie Palace

The Meridell Rubbish Dump
Second-Hand Shoppe

Altador Cup Souvenirs- Seems it was Deleted after 2007 cup, may come back next year
Toy Repair Shop
Bargain Basement- or not
Igloo Garage Sale
Tarla's Shop of Mystery

Neopet Version 2Lost Desert .....(Prize Shop)
The Tale of Woe.....(Prize Shop).....Guide
The Cyodrake's Gaze
Journey to the Lost Isle.....(Prize Shop)
Meridell War (Champions of Meridell)
Meridell War II (Battle for Meridell)
Hannah and the Ice Caves
Curse of Maraqua..... (Prize Shop)
Haunted Woods
Return of Dr Sloth ..... Stats.....(Prize Shop)
Illusen's Glade
Employment Agency
Faerie Quests
Jhudora's Cloud
Brain Tree
The Esophagor
The Witch's Tower
Jhuidah the Island Faerie
The Snow Faerie's Quest
Mystery Island Kitchen
Culinary Concoctions

The Haunted House!

Gadgadsbogen Puzzle

Smugglers Cove- Dubloons Needed Here
Krawk Island Nippers- Dubloons Needed Here
The Secret Ninja Shop
The Golden Dubloon- Dubloons Needed Here
Happy Valley Ice Cream- Ice Cream Machine Coupons Needed Here
Kelp Restaurant
Neocola Machine- NeoCola Tokens needed
Neggery- Neggs Needed Here
Alien Aisha Vending Machine- Nerkmid needed here
Dubloon-O-Matic- Change Small Dubloons for big ones
Mystery Island Volcano- Trade up those Codestones

Tyrannian Ticket Booth
Roo Island Merry Go Round
Tiki Tours

Art Gallery

Rainbow Pool

Daily Dare 2008
Daily Dare 2009

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