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Neopets Cakes


2/5 Apple Krawk Cake 3/5 Apple Krawk Cake 4/5 Apple Krawk Cake Apple Krawk Cake Apple Krawk Cake Slice 1/2 Amazing Apple Usul Cake 1/3 Amazing Apple Usul Cake 2/3 Amazing Apple Usul Cake
5/6 Amazing Apple Usul Cake Amazing Apple Usul Cake Amazing Apple Usul Cake Slice Blue 8 Neopets 8th Birthday Cake Fun Neopets 8th Birthday Cake Giant Slice of Neopets Birthday Cake Green Swirly Birthday Cake Illusens Neopets 6th Birthday Cake
Large Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake Mini Blueberry Birthday Cake Mini Chocolate Birthday Cake Mini Lemon and Lime Birthday Cake Mini Raspberry Birthday Cake Neopets 7th Birthday Bundt Cake Neopets 7th Birthday Cake Neopets 7th Birthday Gift-Wrap Cake
Pink Neopets 6th Birthday Cake Shenkuu-Themed Neopets 7th Birthday Cake Slice of Neopets 7th Birthday Cake Slice of Neopets Birthday Cake Slice of Pink Neopets 8th Birthday Cake Small Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake Sparkling Neopets 6th Birthday Cake Starry Birthday Cake
Super Fancy Birthday Cake Tiered Neopets 8th Birthday Cake Yellow and Blue Birthday Cake Yellow Neopets 6th Birthday Cake Aisha Chocolate Cheesecake Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake Custard Cheesecake Kou-Jong Cheesecake
Lenny Day Strawberry Cheesecake Lime Cheesecake Real Cheese Cheesecake Strawberry Cybunny Cheesecake 1/2 Starry Chocolate Usul Cake 1/3 Starry Chocolate Usul Cake 2/3 Starry Chocolate Usul Cake 5/6 Starry Chocolate Usul Cake
Starry Chocolate Usul Cake Starry Chocolate Usul Cake Slice Asparagus Gateaux Blackberry Gateau Blueberry Buzz Gateau Blueberry Gateaux Chocolate Buzz Gateau Deluxe Koi Gateau
Invisible Gateau Lemon Buzz Gateau Spooky Pumpkin Gateau Strawberry Buzz Gateau Taelia Gateaux 1/2 Lemon Swirl Usul Cake 1/3 Lemon Swirl Usul Cake 2/3 Lemon Swirl Usul Cake
5/6 Lemon Swirl Usul Cake Lemon Swirl Usul Cake Lemon Swirl Usul Cake Slice Acara Blueberry Muffin Acara Bran Muffin Acara Carrot Muffin Acara Chocolate Chip Muffin Bacon Muffin
Banana JubJub Muffin Battle Muffin Bitten Heart Muffin Brain Muffin Brain Tree Muffin Bursting Water Muffin Butterlicious Muffin Cheese and Tomato Muffin
Chocolate JubJub Muffin Chocolate Kacheek Muffin Choco-Strawberry Muffin Chokato JubJub Muffin Cloud Bruce Muffin Cloud Muffin Darigan Muffin Dung Muffin
Evil Muffin Eyeball Muffin Fig Muffin Fire Muffin Fruit Muffin Fyora Day Muffin Golden Muffin Grape Bruce Muffin
Grapefruit Muffin Gruisberry Muffin Icey Muffin Invisible Muffin Jelly Muffin Jhudoras Exploding Muffins JubJub Piper Muffin Kiwi Muffin
Lemint Muffin Lime JubJub Muffin Maraqua Victory Mini Muffins Mega Carrot Muffin Meow Muffin Minty Bruce Muffin Mort Muffin Orange Aisha Muffin
Pineapple Muffin Poison Muffin Purple Chia Muffin Radioactive Muffin Raspberry Jelly Muffin Robot Muffin Scorched Sutek Muffin Shooting Star Muffin
Smelly Dung Muffin Snowflake Muffin Spoooky Muffin Stone Muffin Strawberry Bruce Muffin Sutek Muffin Suti Muffin Taelia Muffin
Tooth Faerie Muffin Ultimate Fyora Day Muffin Ummagine Battle Muffin Valentines Muffin Vanilla Bruce Muffin Water Muffin White Chocolate Muffin Chia Sticky New Year Cake
Flowery New Year Cake Koi Sticky New Year Cake New Year Bundt Cake New Year Cake New Years Eve Cake Simple New Year Cake Slice Of New Year Cake Acara Cabbage Cake
Autumn Usuki Cake Baby Scorchio Milk Cake Banana Faellie Cake Banana Meerca Mini Cake Banana Moehog Cake Battle JubJub Cake Black Cherry Mooncake Black Currant Year Six Cake
Blue Acara Cake Blue Goo Techo Cake Blueberry Chocolate Flotsam Cake Blueberry Deluxe Cake Blueberry Meerca Mini Cake Blueberry Mooncake Blueberry Strawberry Flotsam Cake Blueberry Vanilla Flotsam Cake
Blueberry Year Six Cake Blurf Gelert Cake Borovan Layered Cake Camouflage Wocky Iced Cake Caramel Usul Cake Caramel Volcano Cake Chained Vault Cake Checkered Cake
Cheesy Sloth Cake Chia Cake Chocolate Cake Chocolate Faellie Cake Chocolate Faerie Cake Chocolate Jetsam Mousse Cake Chocolate Kau Cream Cake Chocolate Kougra Cake
Chocolate Krawk Cake Chocolate Mint Swirl Illusen Cake Chocolate Moehog Tower Cake Chocolate Nimmo Cake Chocolate Snowflake Cake Chocolate Wing Cakes Chocolate Zafara Cake Chocolatey Banana Draik Cake
Chocolatey Strawberry Draik Cake Choco-mint Aisha Cake Choco-Vanilla Korbat Cake Chokato Cake Chokato Cybunny Cake Chokato Deluxe Aisha Cake Chokato Draik Cake Chokato Eyrie Cake
Chokato Grarrl Cake Chokato Hissi Cake Chokato Kau Cream Cake Chokato Year Six Cake Chomato Pudding Cake Chomby Rock Cake Citrus Cybunny Cake Cloud Aisha Cake
Coconut Tonu Cake Cookie Dough Usul Cake Coral Cake Coral Sponge Cake Cybunny Day Canape Cyodrakes Glazed Cake Dark Nova Sponge Cake Deluxe Chia Cake
Deluxe Elephante Cake Deluxe Fyora Day Cake Deluxe Lemon Mynci Cake Deluxe Lupe Cake Deluxe Snowflake Cake Deluxe Strawberry Usul Cake Devilish Cake Dice Escape Coffee Cake
Disco Elephante Toaster Cakes Double Cream Vanilla Sponge Dung Cake Eaten Slice of Deluxe Lemon Mynci Cake Extra Carroty Cake Extra Gooey Korbat Cake Extra Spicy Chilli Cake Faerie Aisha Cake
Faerie Festival Cake Faerie Kougra Cake Faerie Sparklecake Feather Hat Cake Fire Mynci Cake Flower Cake Fluffy Faerie Hot Cakes Four Layer Carrot Cake
French Onion Soup Cake Frosted Daisy Cake Frosted Kite Cake Fruit Cake Fruit Cake Brick Fruit Sensation Korbat Cake Fruity Usul Cake Garden Fantasy Cake
Gelert Sticky Rice Cake Ghostkerchief Island Cake Globin Kraku Cake Gooseberry Poogle Cake Graduation Cap Cake Grape Sloth Cake Grapefruit Cake Green Usukicon Layer Cake
Grey Cloud Cake Grey Layer Cake Grey Tear Cake Gruel Cake Grunion Fruit Krawk Cake Hannahs Rope Cake Healthy Apple Cake Heart Shaped Fruit Cake
Hot Cakes Ice Chocolate Cake Iced Borovan Cake Iced Chocolate Lupe Cake Iced Chokato Cake Iced Chomby Fruit Cake Iced Christmas Cake Iced Fish Cake
Iced Tuskaninny Cake Iced Vanilla Kougra Cake Illusen Day Cake Illusens Glade Cake Jetsam Apple Cake Jhudora Day Cake JubJub Cake Kacheek Sticky Rice Cake
Kass Kakes Kaykee Wake Cake Kiko Day Cake Kiko Paw Cake King Altador Cake Kiwi Surprise Mooncake Korbat Grave Cake Korbat Mooncake
Krawk Apple Cake Kreludan Lava Cake Kyrii Ice Cream Cake Kyrii Strawberry Cake Large Chia Cake Layered Cybunny Cake Lemon Aisha Cake Lemon Daisy Cake
Lemon Eyrie Cake Lemon Kougra Cake Lemon Nimmo Cake Lemon Sun Cake Lenny Day Caramel Cake Lenny Day Carrot Cake Lenny Day Swirly Cake Lentil Cake
Levitating Cake Licorice Nimmo Cake Lime and Orange Year Eight Cake Lime Chomby Cake Lime Eyrie Cake Lime Kougra Cake Lime Nimmo Cake Lime Shoyru Cake
Lime Wiggle Cake Longan Cake Lupe Bone Cake Lupe Sticky Rice Cake Lutango Layer Cake Lutari Feather Cake Luxurious Kyrii Cake Luxury Cabbage Cake
Maraqua Victory Sponge Cake Maraquan Kau Cake Maraquan Pillar Cake Marshmallow and Cherry Grarrl Cake Massive White Aisha Cake Meat Cake Meaty Caramel Lupe Cake Meaty Grarrl Cake
Meaty Potato Grarrl Cake Mega Minty Korbat Cake Melted Kacheek Cake Milk Chocolate JubJub Cake Mini Flotsam Cake Mint Chocolate Draik Cake Mint Chocolate Gelert Cake Mint Cybunny Cake
Mint Lime Flotsam Cake Minty Meerca Mini Cake Minty Mocha Cake Minty Snowflake Cake Moehog Fruit Cake Moehog Sparkler Cake Monster Cake Neoflakes Cake
Neopia Brownies Nimmo Cream Cakes Nimmo Day Fruit Cake Noil Gingerbread Cake Nova Sponge Cake Nutty Chocolate Brownies Orange Chia Cake Orange Gnorbu Cake
Orange Ixi Cake Orange Kougra Cake Orange Krawk Cake Orange Leaf Cake Orange Sloth Cake Orange Wiggle Cake Peppermint Kougra Cake Plain Faerie Cake
Plantcake Pteri Seed Cake Pumpkin Jetsam Mousse Cake Purple Chia Cake Purple Koi Cake Pyramicake Radioactive Sloth Cake Raspberry Gelert Cake
Raspberry Jetsam Mousse Cake Rose Cake Ruki Lime Cake Scab Cake Scorched Pyramicake Scorchio Banana Cake Scorchio Chocolate Cake Scorchio Chocolate Cream Cake
Scorchio Seaweed Cake Scorchio Spice Cake Seaweed Krawk Cake Seaweed Wrapped Cake Sketch Cake Slice of Deluxe Lemon Mynci Cake Slice of Lime Shoyru Cake Slice of Wocky Day Cake
Slimy Usul Cake Smooshed Heart Cake Snow Cake Snowberry Poogle Cake Snowberry Quiggle Cake Snowbunny in Hat Cake Snowflake Cake Sour Uni Cake
Sparkling Draik Cake Spotted Kau Cake Spring Cakes With Thermos Stack It High Cake Starberry Poogle Cake Starfish Cake Steak Cake Strawberry Carrot Cake
Strawberry Cybunny Cake Strawberry Delight Aisha Cake Strawberry Draik Cake Strawberry Eyrie Cake Strawberry Faellie Cake Strawberry Ice Cream Tonu Cake Strawberry JubJub Cake Strawberry Kau Cream Cake
Strawberry Kite Cake Strawberry Meerca Mini Cake Strawberry Moehog Cake Strawberry Poogle Cake Strawberry Poogle Swirl Cake Strawberry Shimmer Cake Strawberry Snowflake Cake Strawberry Usul Cake
Strawberry Wiggle Cake Strawberry Year Six Cake Strawberry Zafara Cake Super Creamy Kyrii Cake Super Deluxe Maraquan Victory Cake Swirly Kreludan Cake Tagobo Gelert Cake Taro Root Cakes
Tchea Hissi Cake Terror Mountain Tilt Commemorative Cake Thornberry Hissi Cake Tigerfruit Hissi Cake Tigersquash Swirly Cake Tomato and Cheese Mooncake Top Hat Cake Triple Choco-Strawberry Cake
Tropicolour Cake Ultranova Sponge Cake Ummagine Cake Uni Carrot Cake Uni Chokato Cake Uni Kiwi Cake Uni Lemon Cake Uni Orange Cake
Uni Rainbow Cake Vanilla Faellie Cake Vanilla Ghost Cake Vanilla Jetsam Mousse Cake Vanilla Kau Cream Cake Water Cake Welcome to Level Six Cake White Chocolate JubJub Cake
Winter Tilt Cake


Artichoke Cupcake Asparagus Chocolate Cupcake Banana Bori Cupcake Banana Mynci Day Cupcake Berry Cupcake Blueberry Bori Cupcake Bomberry Birthday Cupcake Cabbage Cupcake
Card Suit Cupcakes Carrot Cupcake Cheops Cupcake Cherry Bori Cupcake Cherry Xweetok Cupcake Chocolate Birthday Cupcake Chocolate Chia Cupcake Chocolate Poogle Cupcake
Chocolate Vanilla Cupcake Chocolate Yurble Cupcake Chokato Moehog Cupcake Chomby Day Cupcake Cocojuice Cupcake Colourful Kougra Cupcake Crunchy Snot Birthday Cupcake Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting
Disco JubJub Cupcake Dung Berry Tonu Cupcake Earth Faerie Mushroom Cupcake Electric Cybunny Cupcake Ergy Fruit Cupcake Extra Sugary Birthday Cupcake Galaxy Cupcake Gelert Cupcake
Gooseberry Cupcake Green Kacheek Cupcake Grey Cupcake Gummy Gem Cupcake Hannah Cupcake Iced Eyrie Cupcake Iced Techo Cupcake Illusen Day Cupcake
Island JubJub Cupcake Islandberry Tonu Cupcake Jhudoras Cupcake Kau Cupcake Kreludan Jelly Cupcake Lava Cupcake Lemon Moehog Cupcake Lime and Chocolate Yurble Cupcake
Lime Bori Cupcake Lime Cupcake Lime Moehog Cupcake Lime Slorg Cupcake Lost Desert Pyramid Cupcake Mint Chocolate Wocky Cupcake Nimmo Day Cupcake Olive Cupcake
Orange Jetsam Cupcake Orange Kougra Cupcake Orange Marmalade Cupcake Peach Birthday Cupcake Peanut Mynci Day Cupcake Plumberry Slorg Cupcake Pomegranate Cupcake Puntec Cupcake
Rainbow Chomby Cupcake Raspberry Birthday Cupcake Red Kacheek Cupcake Shell-Topped Cupcakes Snowager Cupcake Speckled Cupcake Squibble Berry Tonu Cupcake Starry Cupcake
Starry Scorchio Cupcake Strawberry and Chocolate Yurble Cupcake Strawberry Gelert Cupcake Strawberry Grarrl Cupcake Strawberry JubJub Cupcake Strawberry Moehog Cupcake Strawberry Mynci Day Cupcake Strawberry Poogle Cupcake
Striped Blumaroo Frosted Cupcake Striped Ixi Cupcake Tangella Slorg Cupcake Tentacle Cupcake Terror Mountain Tilt Commemorative Cupcake Tetraberry Tonu Cupcake Tuskaninny Cupcake Usuki Baby Cupcake
Vanilla and Chocolate Yurble Cupcake Vanilla Gnorbu Cupcake Vanilla Poogle Cupcake Voidberry Slorg Cupcake Watermelon Cupcake White Aisha Cupcake X-29 Sub-Orbital Cupcake

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