This game is basically space invaders Neopets style.  There are 7 different power ups that you can get:
Teal-This makes the tank smaller, so its harder to get hit.  A good one
Green- This makes the tank a lot wider than it normally is. A Bad one
Yellow-This makes the tank's movement a lot slower.  A Bad one
Blue- This makes the tank's movement much faster.  A good one
Orange- This makes it so that when you shoot and hit something, another bolt keeps going to hit another bug if its in the way.  Limited use though, a good one.
Purple- This gives you another shield, a really good one.
Brown-This makes the barricades return to fully built, all the damage that was done to them is repared.  A good one.

All the power-ups can't be combined. So when you get a blue one and a teal one, you don't have a fast small tank, all you have is a small tank.  Ok, i just recently won the better than you for this game and i have totally over hauled my strategy.  This is what you do.  You start at the right side of the screen and you shoot all the bugs on the right two rows except for the top one on the farthest right column. This way, the bugs will will stay where they are and won't spread across the screen.  Then you just work your way left, column by column, and the blue power-up helps a lot. This is the way that i got 2400 on it, but the stupid score tables aren't working so my best score still only shows 1005, grrrrrrr.
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