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This site was launched on March 24, 2002
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Welcome to the Raging Grarrl! Your number one place for neopet secrets, tips, guides, and contests! I also have HTML help so you can make your shop look cool! im always adding more, so bookmark this site!!

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I am looking for more articles and Guides to games and other things.  I really need these! im not good at all the games so you know i need some people to help me out. If you would like to write one, i will put it on my site, and give you something if i post it! You can send them to my Neopets account, Mantis812000, or send it to my email, [email protected], don't worry, i will put your name as the author of the piece.


4/9/02- not much to say, haven't worked for a couple of weeks cuz my computer was being bad, umm, added a little to secrets and to "About me". currently working hard on the Neoquest guide (maps, walk through, etc.)
4/13/02-added PTERATTACK! and Chute guides, made the decision to make a battle pedia. Added a bunch of pictures with mouse over texts to make the site much, much more interesting, so now its informative AND entertaining, what other site does that?
4/30/02-Added The Gallery and Quick Links Page, took off Chute guide since they took it off the site :(
6/11/02-wow, haven't updated in awhile, haven't finished the quick links yet, just too lazy and tired, but school is out so i should work a bit more. Added guide for the new game, Dubloon Disaster.

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