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Electroluminescent wire, aka EL wire, glow wire, neon string, is flexible electric wire that glows brightly and can be used virtually anywhere.
Available in a wide range of colors, EL wire can be powered by batteries, car/boat electricity, or household current.

clock el cloudscomputer desk
EL wire is now being used for decorating parties/events,  modding computer cases, raves, detailing cars, hobbies, Halloween costumes, stage props,  toys, safety enhancements, military applications, signs/advertising, art, and  many other uses.
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greenwire                           Continuous mode
                                                                               Blink mode                                                                                  Continuous mode

Halloween    sphere spider  



Available colors:
white, purple, blue, blue-green, aqua, lime, yellow, orange, red, pink

available colors  sword
Available sizes: 1.2mm (angel hair), 2.3mm, 2.5mm (standard), 3.2mm, 5mm

AA driver with short length of pink el wire
(takes two AA batteries)


Basic facts about electroluminescent wire:

Electroluminescent wire, also referred to as el wire, glowstring, glowwire, or neon string, must have
alternating current in order to light up. Powering el wire with batteries is done through the use
of inverters, also referred to as drivers.. EL wire Inverters/drivers change the direct current from the
batteries into alternating current. 
Different inverters are available for different applications, depending
on the length of electroluminescent wire
and the power source be used. Some inverters / drivers have
sequencers and can power several different strands of el wire, turning them on and off in the desired sequennce.
NeonString carries a variety of  drivers and sequencers. Electroluminescent wire can be soldered end to end if necessary.
El wire can be cut to a shorter length simply using wire cutters.

NeonString is located in the Houston area, but will ship anywhere in the USA.
If you are in the Houston area, please contact  me to inquire about purchasing locally to save on shipping.


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