NeonString electroluminescent el wire glow wire and Inverters

                                                               NeonString el wire drivers is a company in La Porte, Texas (near Houston, Texas) that
that supplies Lytec EL wire, also known as glowwire, glowstring, neon
string, lightstring, ravewire, or lightwire. As can be seen in the pictures, electroluminescent wire glows brilliantly and
comes in many different colors. NeonString sells ONLY LyTec® wire, made by Elam. NeonString carries
el wire, drivers (inverters), and accessories. This unique product is very
versatile and offers a new way of lighting up pretty much anything.

Some fact about NeonString el wire:

          wires that wrap around the larger wire.

Electroluminescent technology has been around for many years. It was
 discovered by accident in the 1930's.  EL light is what you see on your
 cellphone, laptop screen, and on many gauges on newer cars.

Please contact NeonString if you have any questions.
There is a gallery on the website that shows several application ideas.
(Link at the top of the page)

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