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About us


» We started from scratch.
» In 1999, the company was established with a group of 6 members. Each member has his own tasks to do.
» In 2000, the company worked perfectly in developing skills and maintaining the quality of productions.
» In 2001, the company was disintegrated because of many problems such as no trust.
» In 2002, there were no activities.
» In 2003, there were some contacts between two members to discuss how to build the company again. Those discussions took a long time to make the last decision. The decision was to work in team with two members and continue the work.
» In 2004, nothing was made except asking the other members to come back but the reply was No.
» In 2005, me the creator of the company and my partner worked hard to bring the company again and started planning everything that we are going to work on alone.
» In 2006, we started to apply the technology we have to improve the productivity and make everything in full speed. Every single movements were documented.

» We will continue on scratch to give something that is not given by anyone in the world.

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