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Greetings to you who happen to stumble into this place. I am Neogorbash and these are my Voltron pages, which contain the results of my lifelong anti-stress therapy.

The fan fiction and pictures you'll see here are inspired by Toei's Go Lion and WEP's Voltron, Defenders of the Universe episodes... they're mostly hit and miss things (some survived the inking stage, some didn't). We also have collaborative work with other Voltron fans. What can I say? We just love Voltron. Last to mention is my ongoing attempt complete and keep revising an alternate reality take on the Voltron|Go Lion series called Legends of the Denubian Realm.

I don't have anything canon (except for some pictures borrowed), so if you don't find what you're looking for, please check out the sites on Links. Comments to improve Legends are most welcome. It's entirely another thing if I know how to fix any mess you'll find, but the fact that I'm open to fixing things should count, right? Right?

Voltron is owned by WEP, Hyaku Ju Oh Go Lion is Toei's. This site is for entertainment purposes only and is not endorsed by the owners.

Feel free to look around. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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