2001 MidEast Meet of Champions
Info Courtesy of CVCA Head Coach George Hallis

Running under a thick fog that covered parts of the course, the runners headed out from the start only to disappear after about 200 meters.  At the mile mark
, Angela Homan of Spencerville was in the lead in 5:33, with Kris Roth of Celina in secod (5:38), Amy Arnold of CVCA in 3rd (5:39), and Kelly Ardelean of Strongsville was in the leading pack at 5:43 with a group of runners from other states.  The pack then began to close in on Homan as she led through the two mile in 11:31.  Roth was right behind in 11:32 with the next Ohio girls being Arnold in 11:42 and Ardelean in 11:50.  On a hill just after the 2 mile mark, Roth took the lead from Homan only to be run down in the last 150 meters of the race by the Indiana State Champion, Jessica Gall.  Gall wound up winning in 18:00.32 followed by Roth in Second (18:02.19), then Indiana's Michelle Rafferty in 18:05.62, the Pennsylvania State Champ, Stephanie Madia in 18:12.5.  Homan came home in fifth after leading for most of the race in 18:13.06. 

Ohio Looked like this:

18:02.19  Kris Roth (Celina) - 2nd
18:13.06  Angela Homan (Spencerville) - 5th
18:19.60  Amy Arnold (CVCA) - 9th
18:38.24  Corrie Whisner (Lakota East) - 14th
18:42.38  Kelly Ardelean (Strongsville) - 18th
18:45.62  Katie Flaute (Dayton Carroll) - 19th
18:52.65  Jaclyn Louis (Turpin) - 24th
18:53.07  Abbey Reeser (Circleville) - 25th
19:17.84  Jennifer McKellar (Xenia Christian) - 38th
19:18.14  Erica Moriarty (Pickerington) - 39th

Team wise, Ohio was second to Indiana, with Michigan a distant 3rd, followed by Illinois, Pennsyvalnia, and well, poor West Virginny that racked up 234 points!

1.  Indiana 25
2.  Ohio     48
3.  Michigan 92
4.  Illinois     98
5.  Penn.     100
6.  West V   234

Both Roth and Arnold ran faster than at State, but the rest of the team was anywhere from 20 to 1:00 off their bests.  Even if they had run what they ran at State, the team from Indiana still would have won. 

Roth cut 13 seconds from her state time and looks like she has a shot to do something at Footlocker. 

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