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Hey! The Faerie Crossword answers are up again! Woohoo! I know, I know... I end up only having the answers like every three or four days... Sorry... what can I say? I get busy with life. But don't worry, from now on I should be updating that page daily. Aight?   

Also, I've added webrings to increase traffic and for some reason the little code thing they give you has a bug or something. Plus it randomly decides to open ad windows. Annoying as all heck if you ask me! But alas, what can one do? I'm sure I'll be sick of the hassle in about a week though and just dump the webring idea. Who knows?

What's new with me? Well, just joined a new guild. My last one sucked. It was so inactive. Blah. I'm now a member in an awsome (and active, always a plus) guild called www.Neoholic.com.   Check it out! It's active, has tons of nice members and fun stuff to do. It's pretty cool. And hey, if you decide to join, neomail the owner and tell her I referred you. Purdy please? lol Brownie points with guild leaders are always good. *grin*

Anyways, hope you enjoy the site and I hope the Palace helps you in your search for riches and, of course, fun!

The site's still kinda under construction, so keep checking back for updates! Also, I'd love it if you'd email me with suggestions and stuff for the Palace!


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