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Electric Scythe / Response to Changes
There are some things I want to mention about the new site - ideas we have just came up with recently. The idea is final. We are going to create a new website. If you are wondering why we have chosen to do this, it is because we have so many jumbled around pages, and we want the site to look neater, and make it better. There are some other reasons too, but I won't get into those. It shouldn't take too long, because we'll transfer a lot of the images and text over, cuz I know I atleast don't feel like typing everything up again. To add to what Liquid Snake said on the post below, we are hopefully going to have a computer game page as well, and we are planning a lot more pages like cowboy bebop, other animes, and other videogames too. As for the name of the new site, Liquid and I figured out the new name last night and it shall be called... (drumroll)...Neo Bushido! So we'll have all the old stuff that we have on this site, just reformatted, and we'll have new stuff as well. Are you ready?

Liquid Snake / Changes
There are going to be some HUGE changes to the site.  Me and Electric Scythe have ideas, and we may make an entirly new site, but of course it will have the same great stuff.  Since we got oozaru from Dragon Ball Z, and DBZ is absolutly horrible, well, i think you get it.  Also, we will have a PS2 page and possibly an X-Box page on the site.  The forum will stay the same, so dont worry about it, and we are now aware of a problem with the "Our Favorite Web Forums" link, and are currently in the process of fixing it.  Since we are changing the site name, we would like some viewer imput.  If you have any ideas, please e-mail either one of us.  Also, I am once again changing my username to the one i use on my forums, being Sadistic.  I'm sure Electric Scythe will be thrilled (said with much sarcasm).
So, until next time, Sadistic signing off!

Electric Scythe / Eh....hehehe ^^;;
The problem with making a forum for this site is that it's so much fun spending time on it, you forget top work on the actual site. The same goes for playing Morrowind, my favorite PC game. I think I'll take a bit of a break from those so I can work on the site again...sorry about that folks! I'm going to continue with the SA2 page until it's finally done, and I'll then work on the SoA page again. At the pace I'm going, the walkthru probably won't be finished before 2004. Who knows. Anyway I'll work on the site a lot and update it. By the way, if you are planning on joining Anime Lore forums, we're changing it's server, so you may want to wait until the transfer is done. I'll make an update about that. Chow.

Electric Scythe / Neo Oozaru Now Has Web Forums!!!
Neo Oozaru is really getting some upgrades done and we're really advancing into a better site. An example of this is the new web forum supported by Neo Oozaru: Anime Lore! The forums have other things as well as anime topics, such as music, videogames, and RPG's! The forum is not totally dedicated to Neo Oozaru, so keep that in mind. Many of the staff's friends who are members of Dejitaru-Anime.com are signed up to it as well. But there is a section on it totally dedicated to Neo Oozaru, so please, we encourage all of you to join AL (Anime Lore)!!!

Liquid Snake / I finally made some updates
I have finally worked on the site after a long time.  I have updated the Trigun Page and the StarFox Adventures page. I also have just realized that StarFox Adventures is two words, not three, so i'll eventualy fix all of the titles... Oh well... I updated the Walkthru and Tribes pages of SFA, and the I did an episode summary of Trigun for "$$60,000,000,000 Man."
If you have any questions, you can contact me at [email protected]
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Electric Scythe and Sadistic.
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