How to Get Free Items and Stuff
Here are a few ways to get free items:

Snowager - Yes he does sleep! You *sometimes* can get pretty cool items from him. Be sure to check the snowager sleep times.

Money Tree - If you are poor you can get NeoPooints here, if you have over 15,000 NP you can get tons of items! It is very tough but if you get anything it's worth it.

Tombola - Now you get one free try per day, stick your hand in and see if your a winner!

Fruit Machine - Freee Items, Free NP! Free Spin every day!

Coltzan's Shrine - One approach a day, usually worth it! You can get very rare items here!

6. Signing up for sponsors - You can get free items and neopoints just for signing up for a sponsor! Sounds fair enough.

7. Random Events - Some times people will pop up give you NP Paint Brushes Codestones etc.

Healing Springs - Some times you get free potions, other times you get healed, but it's all good.

Giant Omelette - Every morning go to the giant omelette to get your breakfast. It's free!

10. Soup Kitchen, they'll feed your pets til your stuffed but only if your poor.

11. Enter my
banner contest and get 3 codestones for free!
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