The Snowager lives in a cave located to the east side of Ice Caves. He doesn't like ANYONE! If you wonder in he will attack you and steal your items!!! So be smart and don't wonder in well he's awake and watch out when he slithers around the rest of the Ice Caves.

This huge Ice Worm can blast sharp pointed ice shrapnel at over 200 miles an hour!!! If you (or your pet) gets hit by these they will most likely faint. This is when Snowager take all your item (not really, so don't worry). He sleeps on a huge mound of stolen goods.

Do not enter when he is awake only try to sneak in while he is sleeping. Most people wonder when Snowager sleeps. Well You don't have to wonder any more! We have the complete sleep schedule right here!

If you wonder in while he is sleeping you can get rare items from the huge pile he stole.

I hope this helps. If you read the schedule and he is sleeping right now
CLICK HERE for your chance to get your rare item! You can get things from snowballs to plushies to scratch cards (which he steals from Kiosk next door)

1-2 am

10-11 am

1-2 pm

8-9 pm

10-11 pm

All times are in Neopian Standard Time (NST)
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