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PRIDE and other fighter entrance music (mp3s)

The following are collections of entrance music/themes of MMA fighters in mp3 format, provided by Underground forum brother Gryphon. One can instantly recognize a fighter by hearing a certain theme, which brings excitement to the event and fight. The music and theme is also an important reflection upon the fighter and is a mirror into his fighting style, and attitude.

Again, a big thanks to Gryphon. Thank you very much for your time and effort! The following are the mp3s that I currently have. I've stored them using Yahoo briefcase.

The above mp3s are stored on Yahoo Briefcase:

Briefcase 1

Briefcase 2

Just click the "donkeypunch" link in my briefcase. Please let me know if you have any problems. If you get Max Download errors from yahoo briefcase, there may be a workaround. Check this out and it may work sometimes.

NOTE I'm looking for more webspace to store the mp3s....stay tuned

Extra stuff

Gryphon from the UG was kind enough to translate AO Corner, Alexander Otsuka's theme. Here is the translatin, enjoy!

AO (blue) Corner

My hometown was the dark and wet downtown.
My life has been nothing but fights since I was born. 
I couldn't do anything but it.

I always wanted only affection. I was looking for it.
but When I know somobody love me,
I am alone on the bloody ring already.
Here is my present place after I was crawling in muddy roads.
I have no fear.because I don't need tomorrow.
Time has come.OK.I am an eternal challenger,
I will go from AO(blue) corner!

Heavy pressure prevent me from my sleeping safely.
It make me crazy,make me move,
I repeat punching the sandbag
I have to win myself,I make  myself sharp.

My nose has been broken,burning and cry.....
Hungry guy looks at the only one,
It is a key which open the gate to future,it reflect silently.
I will also go from AO(blue) corner!

Remember this rule,in your heart!
As time goes by,it never change!
I will go from AO(blue) corner!

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