Esta es mi pagina ^__^ y la usare para poner cosas interesantes que halle

asi como historias que escribo, projectos, etc. etc. multifuncional heh?


Viva Le Art!


Me playing the piano... hey! don't laugh! >.<

Occult_Lore ... Iris is reading this book ( prologue and chapter 1,2) ^__^

Dungeon Theme its a theme for a friends RPG project, sadly, its incomplete, but I'll try to make it all up soon ;_;


Dancer! I drew this one ^__^

Caelid I invented and drew this one, its Caelid from Jade

Swimming girl

my first watercolor hope you like it ^__^

My first ink work ^__^

This is Neyda from the Exalted Chat, she looks soo cute ^__^

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance fanfic, enjoy!

Diceroller I made this 1d10 diceroller in flash.

Pool Calculator this calculates exalts Essence pools

Sprint/Jumping Distance Calculator this one calculates movement distances while injured for Exalted

Spring_Bird is a character for the Exalted chat, she is a summoner, and if you know about exalted (and own the Player's Guide) you'll see her hat has the word "Su" which stands for "Summoner", and, of course, this is only a sketch, I plan on making it better ^__^

Improved version of the above drawing

Waaaay better version made by a friend for the exalt chat, I wish I could draw just as good *drools*

Zodiac signs arrangement for all your compatibility needs

Zodiac Flash!

Strawberry Panic! RPG DOC

Strawberry Panic! RPG TXT

Strawberry Panic! RPG RTF


Bien, eso es todo por ahora, si lo se no soy bueno con esto de

las paginas, si, no tiene dibujitos, ni imagen de fondo ni tampoco "frames" pero,

hey! ¿Porque se quejan? carga rapido! ^__~

last update 09/08/2006

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