This is the mobile command post to the otaku revolution, in here we shall live, breathe, and eat anime. Anime shall be our God, it shall be our savior, it shall be all that we are!!! Let us Gekigen In!!!

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Do you...remember...that white light, I remember it...when i saw it I said "No! It can't be, it's too soon, there's so much that needs to be done!" I remember standing before the light pleading begging to be given a little more time, but it didn't didn't hear me, then I realised that someone was singing. "Is that an angel, it sounds so beautiful." I thought, but suddenly I hear the sound of a typewriter, followed by someone talking. This snaps me back to reality, and I stand....shocked, looking at my monitor. hands reach forward...twitching with anticipation..and then I grab the monitor and scream,"DAMN YOU LAST EXILE, YOU CALL THAT 20 MINUTES MORE LIKE 10, YOU (censored) LITTLE (censored) YA LUCKY I DON'T TAKE YOU AND (censored) YOUR LITTLE (censored)(censored) WITH A (censored)(censored) PIPE YOU LITTLE (censored) TEASE!!! HOW (censored)DARE YOU, YOU, YOU (censored)!!!
-Mark de Guzman on how he felt after each episode of Last Exile

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Updated: August 3rd, 2004

I really need to come up with something else to put here.
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