2001 Fully Built Turbocharged GSR with an 80 Shot of Direct Port NOS

    Ok a little background on this 2001Fully Built GSR Motor, Turbo Charged, with direct port NOS Acura Integra.  I bought this car brand new in 2001, it was the 2nd car in California & 1st ever made Silver GSR, as well as the last year where they made the old new body style the one right before they came out with the RSX.  It had 2 miles on it with full leather interior.  I had a Jackson Racing Supercharger, Greddy Evo Exhaust, Comptech Headers, and an AEM Cold Air Intake put on by the dealership.  I raced this car a lot and upgraded to a 8lb Pulley, it was strong for awhile but eventually the rings blew on 2 pistons. So I decided to just get the motor fully rebuilt from the block on up.  So I sent the head to Port Flow, and My Block to Ground Zero.  When I finally got the motor and broke it in properly by shifting at 2500 rpms for 250 miles and than at 3000rpms for 250 miles, and than 3500 and so on, with street not freeway miles going all the way up to 6000 rpms with the same process for that whole span. 2500-6000 in increments of 500 rpms per 250 miles each.  I hope you guys understand how I broke it in, cause it shows the care I gave to my motor. I tried to first use my Jackson Supercharger with the next upgraded pulley to make it 10lbs of boost on this newly built motor, but the supercharger just didn't compliment the way the motor was built.  So I decided to junk the charger and buy a turbo kit.  From this point on all of the work was done by me, and members of my team.  The charger was taken off, Turbo and Nos was installed on it.  This process was a long one from the motor being built,  all the way to waiting to get enough money for all the rest of the parts needed to upgrade to the next level of HP and 1/4 mile times.  With the Stock motor and the Supercharger with the 6lb pulley hit 12.8 for its best time.  

    Now with this new motor.  

    Now this car ended up taking a big shift towards only being for 1/4 mile racing on the track due to a great number of speeding and racing tickets.  So it was stripped, cut, chizz led, and weight reduced.  And the entire fuel system was replaced with a 1 gal. Fuel Cell.  Now this car is at the point where it can be made right back into a street driven car with interior, new front doors, and a 5 gal fuel cell or even the stock tank if desired, or taken further in the direction of  drag car.  I have most of the parts that I have taken off of the car so if you decide to pick up this car for the right price and wish to make it very powerful street car I have most of the parts to make it possible.  Excluding interior, and doors.  So take a look at all the pics and the process, and all of the things done to the car and parts that are currently on it and if you have any questions just e-mail me.  Thank you for taking the time, and have a great day.


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