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Ah, hello. You may have noticed a bit of a layout change since June, if you've been here before. Well, now, I've learned how to code a whole page in html, I've made the page again to my own liking. Anyway, this is a site mainly on Dune; It's fairly small, since most of my interests online are on the site Fed2k. However, I felt that I needed a place of my own, so I have this simple page to selp anyone who may be interested in the same sort of things as I.
Anyway, I may as well give you any updates on the site, its contents, and other news I have...


2808/02 I've been having problems editing the site. I might switch to http:://www.geocities.com/nemafaken/ soon, and without warning... sorry.

06/07/02 First few pages uploaded and ready.

05/07/02 Emperor Modding Tutorials Finished. Downloads page not yet ready.

02/07/02 Work on site started

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