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Ameritech Srl. builds quality, energy efficient homes and
commercial buildings in Romania and United States of America.
With a focus on customer satisfaction, they believe strongly in
building finely crafted, quality, and customized homes and
commercial buildings.

Ameritech Srl. pays close attention to the changing times and
what will best suit the customers' needs. Today's  customer is
looking for a home or commercial building that is comfortable ,
economical, low maintenance and offers a lifetime of value. Their
homes and commercial buildings are built with the future in mind,
providing the customer with the best possible construction today,
while keeping an eye on the advancing technology of the future.


In addition to being a builder, Ameritech Srl. is also a
developer. They build and sell houses and commercial buildings
on their own land or they can build a house or commercial
building on your land.

Call our toll-free number

Ameritech Srl

Our products are great for the environment

We've been in business for over 10 years

Quality homes & buildings.  Satisfied customers.

Welcome to Ameritech Srl                                                                         Your satisfaction is our measure of success.

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