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February, 7, 2008
Well we finally have our website up and running again. We decided to combine the others into one, with 3 babies having a seperate sight, it's just too much to keep up with and update.

Thatcher is in New Jersey this week and ready to come home.
I have been working on getting the website up and taking care of all these sick babies. Jacob is well now, Alex is still trying to get over a runny nose and Alyssa is doing much better. We should find out her test results in the next few days and hopefully know what caused her high fever

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February 9, 2008
Thatcher is on is way home from New Jersey tonight. The boys are excited for him to come home. I know he will be glad to be home.

The boys had a birthday party this morning.
I tried once again to go shopping for some clothes to wear on our trip to San fransico next week with no luck! And afterwards we headed to my Mom's house, had dinner and hung out for a little while. We tried to watch a movie, The Invasion, while the boys played. But we didn't get to finish it and its gonna drive me crazy not knowing what happens!

Alyssa is much better now. All of her test results were negative. So her fever was caused from some sort of viral infection.
February 17, 2008

Well we are back from San Fransico.
We arrived back Saturday night around 11:00pm.
My Mom stayed with the babies and they had a nice week as well. They were glad to have us back home. But that may have been because we brought presents!!
We had a wonderful time. We have lots of pictures and stories to share. I hope to get that posted this week.
We have just been trying to get back in the swing of things around the house today.
February 23, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates this week.
Monday Thatcher recieved a short notice 2 week assignment and flew out to St. Louis that afternoon. Jacob was out of school and me and the kids headed to the grocery store.

Tuesday, I finished my cleaning early so after school I took the boys to the spillway or "waterfall" as the boys called it at Lake Tuscaloosa.

The soccer season has officially begun for us. We had our 1st soccer meeting Thursday night to determine practice times and days and to get our uniforms. Jacob is number 3 this season and on the "blue" team.

Thatcher has been sick so he returned home early from St. Louis Friday
evening.  He is going to the doctor today to find out if it is the flu, so we can get the kids some meds quickly. They are all showing simptoms of this "cold". Jacob had his 1st soccer game this morning. He did really well. I was suprised how well the team did considering they haven't had any practices yet. Our 1st practice Thursday was canceled due to all the rain. He played really good defense today and nearly scored a goal on one of his kick offs!

I have lots of pictures to update of the kids and also have the National Sales Conference in San Fransico pictures ready. I will try to get those posted this weekend.

February 24, 2008

Thatcher went to the doctor yesterday and it is official he has had the flu. The kids aren't showing anything more than a runny nose, but we will be watching them for the next few days.
Jacob has another soccer game this afternoon.

The pictures from the sales conference in San Fransico are finally up.
2008 National Sales Conference
San Fransico, California
February 28, 2008

Happy Wednesday!!
I really do not have much to update today. No one seems to have caught Thatcher's flu. Just a few runny noses running or crawling around.
I have updated the kids photos today as well.
We had Alyssa's 9 month pictures made yesterday. She did really well. The photographer liked props a little more than i prefer but they turned really well.
Alyssa's 9 month pictures
March 11, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates. Everyone has been sick and still is. All of the babies have had a cold. Jacob came home with pink eye last Wednesday.  Thursday night Alex had a stomach bug. Friday, Jacob went to the doctor with a sinus infection. Sunday, Alex got Jacob's pink eye. Monday, we were at the doctors office with Alex, who has strep throat, and now Jacob is out of school today with strep also!

Thatcher is working in Tampa, Fl. until March 21st.  Jacob is out of school next week for spring break so we are thinking about flying down to Tampa next week.

Alyssa is finally getting her 1st tooth. She has started waving Bye-bye and saying bye-bye. Of course she will not do it if we want her to wave bye-bye to someone, but if Jacob walks into a room, she immediatly starts waving and saying bye-bye!
So her vocabulary is up to Ma-Ma, Da-Da, Uh-oh and now Bye-bye. She has also started cruising.

March 19, 2008

Hi Everyone!!
I think everyone is finally feeling better. Alex ended up with strep and pink eye again, but I think we are on the mend after a very long 3.5 weeks!

The boys have been enjoying spring break.  So far we have flown kites, had a "tent" party and been to Mcdonalds for lunch to play and a few smaller things. Tommorow we are going to "river walk" to ride bikes.
Thatcher fly's in from Tampa Friday, we are going to pick him up and head to Atlanta. We are taking the boys to Sixflags on Saturday.

Little Alyssa is learning so much. She can give kisses now, and she clapped her hands for the 1st time Tuesday. She is now using the sign for milk.
Her 1st tooth is in and she is working on the second. Her little personality is just starting to show so much now. She loves shoes and only the dirtiest ones she can find! And she has discovered toliet paper, you can just imagine! She gets so mad if you take something away from her.

I will try to get a video of her clapping her hands posted later on!

March 28, 2008

Just wanted to stop in and show you the long awaited video of Alyssa clapping her hands for the 1st time!!
She is doing it all the time now and she also say yayyyyy when she claps!!
Sorry its sideways!! lol

And this is what Alex did to Alyssa when i was on the phone telling my Mom she was clapping!! Luckily it was a washable marker!
April 2, 2008

Hello again! Everyone is doing great here. Thatcher is in New Jersey this week and next. Hopefully he will have a week off when he comes home from this assignment.
Baseball/Tball seasons have begun. Jacob is playing baseball and Alex t-ball. Their practices started this week, so we have been running everywhere. Plus we are still trying to finish up with Jacob's soccer season.
I have been working on getting my pictures downloaded off my camera. So I have a ton to share. A few have been added to the kids photo pages.
And here are the rest.

Zoo Pictures

Sixflags Pictures

Easter Pictures

April 11, 2008

We have been so busy this last week. Thatcher has been in New Jersey for 2 weeks, he comes home tonight.
The boys started baseball and t-ball last week. Jacob has done really well. This is Alex's 1st time at sports and its been interesting!  He comes walking off the field quite alot and he really doesn't like wearing his t-ball glove. They both have practices about twice a week, so we have been running!
Alyssa has started to walk. She has taken 3 steps all by herself. She can stand up from the floor all by herself and she loves to walk while holding someones hand.  It is so cute because she is so little. She is only 15 lbs, 8 oz.
And here is a video of her "walking".

May 18, 2008

I apologize for the lack of updates in the last month. I believe the last one was on April 11th.  May is always a very busy month for us.
Since the last update, the boys basball/t-ball seasons started and for a few weeks took over our lives!  I have been a little sick the past 2 weeks. And we have been out of town the last week. Plus we have been planning 2 birthday parties.
So needless to say I have a ton of updates to get on here and I am determined to get it done this week!
So look for lots of updates this week and probably into next week also!
Lots of pictures, videos, and stories to tell.
I promise to get it done this week Aunt Kacy!!

May 20, 2008

First of lots of updates this week. I think the easiest way for me to update you on this much stuff is to take it one or two people at a time! lol

Since the last update April 11th, Thatcher has been to Chicago several times, and he is working outside of Kansas City, Missouri this week. He flies home Friday just in time to help me with preperations for Alyssa's 1st Birthday.
He had the week off last week, in which we headed to Orange Beach. We came home Thursday and headed out Friday to take Jacob camping for his 6th birthday.

I have basically been doing the usual. Just super busy. I have been planning Jacob and Alyssa's birthday parties. I had a cold a couple of weeks ago and got an ear infection. I am going back to the doctor tommorow because my ear is still stopped up. I can't wait to hear out of the right side of my head again!! LOL
I had a wonderful Mothers Day.  We had lunch with my Mom and sister, and then headed to the beach.
Jacob gave me this very pretty flower vase he made a school and brought in some roses for me to put in it.  I just love the little gifts they make at school, they are always so special. You really can tell how much thought your little one put into making it just for you!!

June 17, 2008
Just another mini-update. Thatcher is home this week. He had to drive to Chicago to get a flight home, but he made it!!  So we went out of town to North Alabama to visit family for Fathers Day weekend. We had so much fun getting to hang out with everyone for a couple of days, even though I was sick. Thatcher's Aunt Ellen gave us a scare over the weekend, but we are very thankful things look much better. We are thinking about you and praying for you, Aunt Ellen and we love you!  Jacob had his first Karate class tonight. He really enjoyed it!
Sorry no pictures today, hopefully later this week!!

June 12, 2008
Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you a quick update.
  Thatcher flys in from Wisconsin tommorow, ready for his week off. Although he may have to rent a boat to get to the airport.  If you been keeping up with the weather, they have terrible flooding there.  Here are a couple of pictures he sent me this afternoon from work.

Alex has been sick with the stomach virus the last couple of days. He seems to be better today.  We have finally figured out his mouth mystery. He has been complaining of his mouth hurting now almost 6 weeks. His pediatrician has checked him twice and said everything looked fine.  He has slept in my bed the past two nights since he has been sick and I have heard him grinding his teeth in his sleep. So after we had Alyssa's tb test checked and her 3rd vacination this morning we walked over to their dentist office. He said his teeth look fine, but there's not really much to be done about it now.  But he did want us to keep him on tylenol for the next couple of days and see if he complains afterwards. Just in case it is something else we just can't see yet.
Jacob and Alex have been playing on the slip n slide this afternoon.  Well they "slipped and slidded" and little and then decided to do some body boarding on the slide!  Afterwards they tried to catch as many rolly polly bugs as possible!
Alyssa had her 12 month well check this week.  She's just perfect. She is now 29.5 inches long and a whole 17 pounds!
Thats all for today!

June 6, 2008
Well I know I said I would be getting all those updates posted, well 2 weeks later I am actually sitting down to get it done at long last!!   I promise to try my best not to get that far behind again.
**i am now working on this again, my internet shut down last night, believe it or not**

But 1st here is a quickie update.  Thatcher is working in central Wisconsin this week and next. But he has the following week off. And we are very thankful for it!  Pray we won't have to be "on the road" much longer.
Jacob's last day of school was last Wednesday so we have been enjoying a bit of freedom.  We had our End of School party this past Thursday. We were suppose to have it Wednesday after school, but it was rained out. We had the water slide out and they had a blast.
The made "Jacob" and "Alex" boxes this week. I have pictures of those, they turned out so cute.
They have been swimming in the pool this week, and it has been interesting to watch and listen to them. They have such imaginations.
Alyssa is such a big, little girl. She is as tiny as ever, but she's getting to be such a big girl.  She has offically  started "big girl foods".  So far her favorites are  peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peaches, and peas and carrots. She's also doing really well with her sippy cup. She still takes a bottle for dinner, bedtime, and if she wakes up at night. But we'll take those one week at a time.
I have finally had time to get some things knocked off my "to-do" list.  Now that basball, t-ball and school are over I feel like I have room to breath and actually get something accomplished. And maybe even squeeze in a little fun.

And now here are the updates that I missed for over a month!
As you can tell, May is super busy for us!

Jacob had his soccer party and his 1st baseball practice the same day and that when all the getting behind began!  So here he is with his soccer trophy. He is getting quite a collection of trophy's.

Jacob's 1st baseball season went really well. He improved so much and he really enjoyed it. He was a really good hitter and caught several balls too. We were really proud of him.

Here's a video of one of Jacob's hits

Alex's 1st t-ball season was interesting and exhausting.  After he's second practice I knew I was gonna need help. Luckily my Mom and sister are close and could help out.  I had to be on the field every practice, every game. He would not stay on the field.  He would usually run onto the field after everyone else was out there, stand there for a minute, throw his glove off, and then mosey off the field. He thought it was a great game having me or someone else either chase him or carry him back onto the field.    Eventually I had to tell him if he didn't stay on the field, he couldn't bat. Well you know Alex, he missed a couple of times at bat.  He did catch a ball in his second game.  Once he was up to bat, and hit the tee instead of the ball over and over and over, on purpose!!  Finally by the last coule of games he stayed on the field.  I didn't say he played, but having him stay on the field was an accomplishment!  His fave part was lining up to slap hands with the other team and say good game.   Everyone knew who Alex was by the end of the season!

Here's a video of one of Alex's hits

We have lots of little vistors in the afternoons and weekends!!
On this day we had a blue princess, a pink princess, a cheerleader, a batman pirate, and a superman pirate.

Just a few cute pictures

Spring Fling at Jacob's School

Beach trip June 2008

Jacob's 6th Birthday
May 2008

Alyssa is walking now. She started at 10.5 months old and is really on the move now!

Alyssa's favorite word is Jacob. She is 11 months old here. She can say it pretty perfect now!

She has done really well learning her baby signs. These are her signs she has at 12 months.

June 30, 2008
Hi, I am just getting caught up on posting some pictures today.

Here is a quick update on us as well.
Thatcher is back in Wisconsin for another 2 weeks. He will be home Saturday. He's working in the Green Bay area. He interviewed for the Columbus, Ohio District Manager position this morning. We will know something in the next few days. It looks like a pretty nice area.
The boys are outside on the waterslide  and Alyssa is wondering around calling Jacob and brother! She is such a hungry little girl! She out-eats the boys most days. She's been a little fussy over the last couple of days, so I started giving her more snacks and that seems to help. Healthy stuff of course. So far our plan to have one good eater seems to be going well!
We got out this morning to buy our supplies for making bird houses later this week. Well they are already built, the boys are just painting them.
Its a month later but finally here are pictures from Alyssa's first birthday.

Alyssa's first birthday
click here
1st time brushing our teeth, now that we have something to brush
t-ball and baseball trophy's
The boys picked out "swim glasses" at the toy store.  Here they are trying them out. Gotta love the "point" of hair on their foreheads after they come up!(below)
Here are the "Jacob" and "Alex" boxes the boy made. Jacob needed somwhere to keep his little "treasures"!
Pretty baby girl
Cute Picture of Uncle Brad with the babies
Alyssa and Kade
Alyssa's first time painting
I just thought this was a funny scene. One halfway in  pj's drinking out of a girls sippy cup(he was sick), one dressed, and one  in swim clothes!
July 3, 2008

Happy Thursday!!
We finally caught the ice cream truck today!!!!!

Everyone's doing well here. Jacob has gotten his green stripe at karate and is close to earning his second stripe. After the third stripe he can try out for the next color belt. He is Jr. white right now.  Chuck E. Cheese happens to be in the shopping center next the the karate building, so we get daily request from Alex for some pizza!!  Alex is learning lots this summer getting ready for pre-school in the fall. He is dressing himself, although he does protest it half the time. We double checked our colors, he knows those fine, no more confusing white and pink, We worked on tying shoes, Alex mostly watched, but Jacob did really well. That one is just hard in the summer as they usually have on flip flops. This week we are working on recognizing our numbers and counting higher.
Alyssa has come a long way in the last 2 weeks. She says thank you, nite- nite, and she is finally saying bye-bye again. She also ask what is this/that all the time, only it sounds more like whai is/at. But her momma knows what she is saying!

Have a happy 4th of July

July 7, 2008

Wow, it is so hard for me to believe it is already July!!! This summer is just flying by.  And the weather has been mild this summer for the south.
My poor husband is flying out again this afternoon. He came in Saturday from Wisconsin and he's right back out today, back to Chicago. We are praying for a week off after this one. He'll be in the windy city for 2 weeks.  We sure do miss him around here. As he was leaving Alex ran to the door and ask Daddy if he could stay for a long time when he comes back.  Thankfully this "on the road" part of the job is almost over. As most of you already know, we did not get the Columbus, Oh promotion. But thats ok, we are waiting on God to open up the right one for us.
We are pretty busy this afternoon. Along with our daily stuff, we are going to a puppet show at the library at 2:00p, there is a karate class at 4:30p, but we may skip out on that today. And both boys start swimming lessons tonight at 6:30p. I can't wait to see how that goes. 

And I am getting so much better at keeping our site updated!!!
Here are a few pictures from July 4th.

July 9, 2008

Just a quick update.  I am quite pooped tonight. We had a fairly busy day. Along with the usual stuff we had to go grocery shopping this morning, and we had karate at 5:30 and then swimming lessons at 6:30. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to be busy!

I wanted to share a quick video of Alex. We were eating lunch yesterday and he got so tickled. He was pretending to "burp" after every drink of milk. By the time I was asking him to stop he was laughing so hard he couldn't even manage to keep the milk in his mouth. This is not the full version, I had to cut the begining, it was too long to upload.July 9, 2008

Just a quick update.  I am quite pooped tonight. We had a fairly busy day. Along with the usual stuff we had to go grocery shopping this morning, and we had karate at 5:30 and then swimming lessons at 6:30. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love to be busy!

I wanted to share a quick video of Alex. We were eating lunch yesterday and he got so tickled. He was pretending to "burp" after every drink of milk. By the time I was asking him to stop he was laughing so hard he couldn't even manage to keep the milk in his mouth. This is not the full version, I had to cut the begining, it was too long to upload.

July 13, 2008

Well first off, Happy Birthday Thatcher!!!!
Its his birthday and he is in Chicago :(

The boys just came home. They spent the night with their Nana last night. We were planning on going to visit everyone in North Alabama, but that did not work out. We had a dear freind of the family pass away, so we were at the funeral yesterday afternoon.

I wanted to share my new stash!!!!! As most of you know we use cloth diapers. Well my new stash arrived this week! I am so excited. We now have fuzzi bunz(on the left), bum genius(on the right), some misc(in the middle), pre-folds(in the back), and thirsties fitted diapers.(in the front)  They are so so cute! I ordered some pre-folds(old school diapers) this time as well, for when/if we ever needed to use diaper rash cream. I never thought in a million years I would like them, but they are so cute!!!  So i had to take a picture to share!  The purple is one of the fitted diapers.

Saturday, July 27, 2008

We have just been enjoying a nice rainy morning. 
Thatcher comes home tonight, but he flys back out Monday, to none other than Chicago yet again!  There are 2 promtions open in South Carolina, one in Columbia and the other for Charleston.   They close them Monday so we should know by Tuesday if Thatcher is interviewing for either of those.
We finished up swim lessons last week. I am not sure they learned much but they had a blast.
Here are just a few pictures. 

July 24, 2008

Just some random stuff from me today!!
We were quite busy the last couple of weeks,  it has been hard to get on here and get things updated.
Thatcher was at home for a couple of days this past weekend. He is back to work now in the Chicago area, but its only a one week assignment so he'll be home Saturday.
We have finally decided what we want to do about vacinations on the kids. We are going to delay vaccinating for now. When Alyssa is 2 years old she will start vacinations, but will are going to be selective about which ones she recieves. We have not decided what we will do about the boys vacinations, as they have already had so many.
Thatcher and I talked this afternoon and since we could be moving at any moment due to Thatcher's promotion,  we are going to home school Alex for the start of his preschool.   We are considering this with Jacob as well.

I also wanted to share some pictures from last weeks adventure. We went "to the country" as Jacob and Alex like to call it!

Monday July 28, 2008

Well I wish I could tell you about all the things we have accomplished today, but I'm having a hard time thinking of anything that we have accomplished today!  We did manage to make it to the pet store late this morning.  I had to get so new sand for Jacobs' frog.  But that only made us late eating lunch.  But I guess I can say I accomplished updating the website.  I just don't feel all that motivated to do much today! Oh well, some days are just like that, thankfully they are few and far between for me!
We said goodbye to Thatcher again this morning. He is headed to Oklahoma. He was orginally going to Chicago again, his travel person called this morning and told him to go ahead and head to the airport as scheduled but they were not certain if he would be flying to Chicago or Oklahoma.  And now I have been singing the song "Oklahoma" all afternoon!
But I do have a couple of cute pictures to share!  I bought Alyssa some baby legs last week. Since we wear our fitted(not waterproof) cloth diapers at home, that is usually all she has or with a matching shirt. So when it gets cooler outside I don't want her to be chilly. (Thats really just my excuse, I really just think they are super cute!)

July 31, 2008

I just wanted to share a few pictures from last weekend.
Alyssa and I were invited to Brookyln's first birthday party. She is the daughter of a dear friend on mine from highschool, Kim.  We had such a wonderful time, Thanks for inviting us!!

August 2, 2008

Getting caught up! AGAIN!! You may have noticed I have posted more updates than usual. I got behind again, and I thought that if I just updated more I could get caught up. Nope did not happen. Sooooo once again I am going to get caught up!!

First off, I got a Mai Tei Carrier!! It is custom made with 2 different fabrics, apples and pears and a brown and blue print on the other side, I cannnot seem to remember what it is called.  This comes in handy quite alot, I almost always am wearing Alyssa when I cook dinner. I do not know why but she gets a little fussy around that time alot of days.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Well Jacob has come to the conclusion that HE is Spiderkid, he says he will be Spiderman when he grows up.  And he is SERIOUS!!   First it started with him climbing everything in the house!

He says he has web in his hands to help him climb! We were headed to a drive thru to grab some dinner so he decided he needed a costume, so no one would know who he was.

The next day Thatchers driver arrived to take him to the airport and saw Jacob, uh I mean Spiderkid without his mask!!
Jacob made sure Thatcher told his driver to keep it a secret!!

August 12, 2008

First off I was thinking of doing a mailing list type thing to let you all know when I update the site. So if you would like to recieve an email when I update just send me an email and tell me to add you to the list!
Now to the good stuff.  The boys started school last week on Thursday. We decided to go ahead and put Jacob back in Kindergarden at Verner Elementary.   So far he seems to be taking to it alot better than last year.  He has already brought home, homework again!  He is making friends in his new class.  The little kids and I went to eat lunch with Jacob today and he really does seem to be enjoying himself this time around. 
Alex also started school last week, at home. It is so much fun. Its like playing school when you're ten but you have a real student instead of 10 of your favorite stuffed animals!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one who did that!!  It is alot of fun to plan out his lessons and things. He has the same things he would have at preschool. He has circle time, where we talk about the calendar, weather, our theme of the week,  and we even have a good morning song. Our theme this week is all about me. Then he has letter of the week time, outside playtime, snack and storytime, number of the week time,  and arts and crafts time. But we also do an art with our letter and number everyday.  Three days of school and he is already writing the letters in his name, just not in order yet!
Alyssa enjoys just it as much as he does!
Enough of my rambling, here are a few pictures from their first day last Thursday.
I also added a couple of pictures to My Faves and also Jacob and Alex's albulms.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well I wish I had something wonderful and exciting to tell you about our last week, but well, I do not. Other than I our usual trips to the library, grocery store and such, we really have not done much of anything. Thatcher is working in Greer, South Carolina. He comes flys home Saturday and we'll be home for an entire week! So we will be  headed to North Alabama to visit his family for a real quick visit since Jacob has school.  I have been enjoying this lovely weather Fay has brought our way. I love a good rainy day! Give me three in a row and all I want to do is sit around and read a good book, ie Harry Potter.  And yes I know I am a freak!  My Moms birthday is coming up this Friday and she is my fellow Harry Potter groupie. Well as you can tell I have nothing exciting to offer you today. But I will leave you with a few pictures of Alex at school last week. The theme was community helpers so he made a firetruck and some doctor stuffs. We also took a trip to the firestation. I would love to show you a cute picture of that, but Alex would not go anywhere near the firetruck! I was suprised. But they did get cute little fire hats to play in. Alyssa got bored and climbed into Alex's firetruck bed and took a nap while we had school!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Real quick! I just wanted to share some pictures. I took the kids out for some pictures a few weeks ago. I got my proofs back from the lab and wanted to share. Please excuse the quaility, these are scanned in, I took these on my baby, the 35mm. And don't forget to sign up for the mailing list to recieve emails when the site is updated.

Family Photos 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well I wish I had something wonderful and exciting to tell you about our last week, but well, I do not. Other than I our usual trips to the library, grocery store and such, we really have not done much of anything. Thatcher is working in Greer, South Carolina. He comes flys home Saturday and we'll be home for an entire week! So we will be  headed to North Alabama to visit his family for a real quick visit since Jacob has school.  I have been enjoying this lovely weather Fay has brought our way. I love a good rainy day! Give me three in a row and all I want to do is sit around and read a good book, ie Harry Potter.  And yes I know I am a freak!  My Moms birthday is coming up this Friday and she is my fellow Harry Potter groupie. Well as you can tell I have nothing exciting to offer you today. But I will leave you with a few pictures of Alex at school last week. The theme was community helpers so he made a firetruck and some doctor stuffs. We also took a trip to the firestation. I would love to show you a cute picture of that, but Alex would not go anywhere near the firetruck! I was suprised. But they did get cute little fire hats to play in. Alyssa got bored and climbed into Alex's firetruck bed and took a nap while we had school!

October 7, 2008

Wow, its been a little over a month since I last updated!  Things have been so busy here and I'm not even sure why.
I'll try to give you a little run down of everything that has happened in the last month. Things have pretty much went on as usual around here.
I had my wisdom teeth out September 5th.  Everything went well, I wasn't happy with the job the surgeon did. I have an apt. with him tommorow afternoon because I still do not have feeling in parts of my mouth!!!!  I have a couple of very sensitive teeth now, mainly to cold things. One is so bad even tap water is painful! 

I'll tell you what Thatcher is up too in just a moment.

Jacob's school requires parent/teacher conferences atleast twice a year. We had our first today. He is doing wonderful this year. Its such an improvment over last year. I'm very proud of him, he's grown up so much. His teacher says all the little girls just love Jacob, they all want to sit by him and chase him around. 

Alyssa has left baby land and entered the big kid world. There is not just one or two things I can pinpoint out to you, its just an overall attitude.  This is such a fun age, almost my favorite, she is really starting to understand and know who she is and what she wants and she will tell you even if its not any language I know!

Alex is doing well also. I think he is missing having Jacob at home to play with. But that seems to be getting better. He just needed a little while to work out what to do(with a little help from Mommy)  He is still enjoying school. Alex is such a fast learning. He took it upon himself to write the letter H today, he saw it on the bottom of the tv screen on the History channel. lol

Up and coming........Wednesday is National walk to school day, but has been postponed until Thursday due to rain. We will walk to school this day, we wish we could everyday, but its just a little too far. It is a mile there and back. We are traveling to visit family this weekend. Jacob is out of school Friday and Monday for "fall break". 
And of course MOVING!!!
Thatcher interviewed for a promotion and got it. He is now a district manager.  His territory is the entire state of Iowa and a few stores in Kansas!  So that means, yes, we are moving to Iowa!  We will be in the Des Moines area. Thatcher actually started work there a little over 4 weeks ago.  He is living in a corporate apartment.  I flew up this past weekend to do some house shopping. We didn't find anything, but a very nice lady we had talked with, got something new on the market and called Thatcher, he went to take a look at it tonight and is sending me pictures. It sounds like a winner though.
Once we find a house things should move fairly quickly. The movers will be calling this week to do the estimate and then once that is done they can move us within 5-7 days. But it should be about 2 weeks once we find a house.  The end of this month is a good estimate.  We are excited about it. We are not fond of moving so far away from family, but we've done it before, I know all about flying alot with little ones.

And now that I have given you all of that to ponder, here are a few pictures from the past month with no updates! lol

We picked up some Mcdonald's on the way home. Alyssa is having her first french fry. I think she liked it!
Story behind the one: The boys like the play "roller coaster" in the car. Alyssa was playing this time. "Hands UP"!
We had another field trip for Alex's homeschool/preschool. His theme this week was animals, so at the end of the week we took a trip to visit
The Barnyard
Alyssa's first pigtails
Alyssa's first tutu
October 16, 2008

We had a wonderful visit with our family in north Alabama this past weekend.  It was so wonderful to see everyone again! I have pictures to share, but to add to the past few days struggles, my camera is broken. I dropped it and the lens is in 3 peices! Sooo I have to upload the pictures on my memory card using my printer.(It has a slot for it).  Alyssa was very fussy over the weekend and she has been running a fever and really just not feeling well this week. Thankfully she has been better today.  Alex, my poor sweet baby, has had a terrible time.  He started running a fever last night, I thought he had  just caught Alyssa's virus. At 4am he wakes up crying and says his toe is hurting. **insert a little history here** Alex got a "booboo" on the top of his big toe about 2 weeks ago,  I have been watching it for about 4 days because it had been so red around it, but it wasn't hot to touch or painful to touch.  Well one look at his toe now(4am) told me all I needed to know. It was swollen, red, hot, and painful = infection.  I gave him some more tylenol and we went back to sleep, well sorta. He was on and off whinning the rest of the night. By the time we got up, a few minutes before 7am, he was in agony.  I checked his toe again, and this time there was a greenish/blackish tint behind the skin. I called the pediatrician and we went in when they opened at 8:30.  He had to have it lanced, My poor child was screaming!  He has been alot better this afternoon. The motrin wears off about 30 minutes before its time for more, but hopefully we will see some improvement with that tommorow.  He's on antibiotics and his toe is wrapped up like its broken.  I was proud of him, he was so brave. We had talked about what they would need to do before we went in.  He was fine as soon as they finished wrapping him up, well, until the motrin wore off anyway.
Then to top off the night, Alyssa has figured out the velcro on some of her diapers. Sooo while I was cooking dinner she decided she needed to be nakey(not sure if thats a word lol).  Well just use your imagination as to what I found in my living room a few minutes later!!! NOT FUN!
One more thing. Thatcher is flying home tommorow!! He has been working in Iowa for 5 weeks.
Enjoy your weekend!!


October 21, 2008


We officially have our house in Iowa!  We didn't have much luck when I was in town 2 weeks ago, but Thatcher found us one a few days later. Its in a really great neighorhood, great schools. 2300 squarefeet, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 3 car garage. and unfinished basement. We did finally decide to rent given the fact that we should only be in Iowa for 2-3 years
and the economy is just scarey right now. I have only seen pictures but it looks really nice!

We are in the process of getting dates finalized.   I believe the movers are coming to pack on October 30 and they will be loading the truck the next day October 31. And the kids and I will be flying to Iowa November 1st. Can you see me running through the airports with 3 little ones!!! I've flown with the boys more times than I can count, but three!!  It'll be interesting to say the least.

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back in action......In Iowa!

That is so wierd to say, in  Iowa. lol
Well we are finally settled in. I can't believe its already November 23!
Everything has went fairly smoothly. The actual moving and packing was great. The movers did a great job and they were so friendly. Pretty much everything made it here in one piece.  The kids seemed to have a hard time with everything for a few days but they have settled in nicely now.  Alyssa started being very clingy, Alex wanted to go home to his old house and Jacob has seemed more like a 13 year old than 6.

Jacob has started back to school. Its really nice, brand new and he likes it. I like the school systems here much better. They don't "push" as hard as Alabama schools. They go out to play twice a day here, whereas at his old school they only got to go out to just play twice a week.  We are adjusting to the new schedule. The schools here go from 8:50am until 3:40pm.  He has a really great teacher and he sounds like he may be ahead of them here.

Flying with all 3 kids by myself was actually very easy. I think it was easier than with  just 2.
The house is amazing. Remeber I had only seen pictures before moving. Thatcher did a great job. I love the house, the neighborhood and the location. We haven't really met any of our neighbors yet.  But you don't really linger outside this time of year.

The weather really hasn't been that bad. I know it's still really really early in the season though. It was in the 70's when we first got here, but then we had a really nasty cold front come through. It was super windy with wet snow blowing everywhere. I get excited when I see the forcast high in the 50's and make the most of it cause it might just be our last 50 degree day for several months.  We have already had snow on the ground, which for this southern gal is just strange before Thanksgiving.  We got almost an inch yesterday and had a blast playing.

I have just about finished unpacking. It takes me awhile. lol 

Thats about all for right now. Hopefully I will be able to update you on some pictures pretty soon. I just have sooo much going on right now. I need to get my Halloween pictures! The kids had a blast trick or treating Halloween night. Jacob was a stormtropper, Alex was a ghost, and Alyssa was a peacock. 

Have a great week!

December 1, 2008


We started a new family tradition this past week...The Vacation Box!  We all wrote down somewhere we wanted to go on little pieces of paper and put them in the vacation box. Jacob drew one out and we are now planning our Disney Cruise Vacation!!  We will probably be going sometime mid next year.  Since we do not deal with credit cards we are saving up to go. So now the vacation box is also the savings box. This is mainly for the kids, so that they feel involved. Jacob has already put in 6 dollars. lol


We had a nice quiet little Thanksgiving.  We cooked our own big Thanksgiving dinner and everyone had to tell something they were thankful for.  The next morning I headed out bright and early to get some Black Friday shopping done. I love this day!!! I was standing out at 4:30am at Toys r us this year. 


I am still so amazed at all this snow!  The sad thing is.....we don't really have that much!  We got about 3 inches Saturday and Sunday.  We had so much fun playing all afternoon.
And its still out there!!  Some of it is expected to melt today. BUT we are also expecting another 1-2 inches tommorow morning.
Here are just a couple of pictures. I still haven't gotten my camera fixed so these were taken on Thatcher's phone so the quaility is not that great, but you get the idea.

December 10, 2008

Busy little bees........

Thats what we were this weekend! We spend the weekend getting ready for christmas.

Saturday we headed out to pick out a christmas tree. That turned out to be quite the journey. We went out for lunch where there were numerous places to buy trees all around us. For some reason, I can't rememeber now, we went in the other direction to find a tree. We couldn't find anything and some how ended up right back where we started! But we did get a tree and thats what's important!! lol Jacob and Alex did most of the tree decorating. I was suprised, they usually only want to do a couple of things. So nothing special, but here it is.

We arrived home to find some lovely mail! My hannah andersson package with the kids christmas pj's and my new order of Crunchy Clean laundry detergent. She has the christmas scents out now and they are wonderful. We have Christmas Cabin and it makes my entire 2nd floor smell like a christmas tree! And for my cloth diaper detergent I have Christmas cookie! 

Sunday we did lots of decorating, made some cookies, and since the kids pjs arrived we took some pictures. The decorating is not finished, the cookies are gone but the pictures in pjs out in the snow  were cute! lol I promise we didn't keep them out more than 6 minutes and they did not freeze! Jacob thought it was funny actually!! I didn't manage to get one where everyone was looking happy but I still like them.

I spent Monday night after the kids were in bed freezing outside getting my black friday deal put up. I got this 4 piece entry way set for $34!! And I'm not sure that I like it.  But I do love the green and red light bulbs Thatcher picked up! We decided not to go all out on outside lights and all this year since we are still trying to settle in.

December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex

My little man is 4 years old now!!
So this past weekend we took him to CocoKey Water Resort.
Its an indoor waterpark and the kids had a blast!!
Here are several pictures!

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