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September 8, 2009

What did you do all summer Niki?
Day Two....A trip to Alabama

Bright and early one June day the kids and I got up and headed to the airport with enough luggage for a village.
The boys were so excited they were getting up "in the middle of the night" to go catch a plane...........until about 7am on the first flight.

We hung out in Aunt Kacy's pool for a few days. It was great to be somewhere warm enough to swim. We finally had about 2 weeks of swimming weather here in Iowa mid August.

They gave a few concerts. This was right after Micheal Jackson died, which lit a fire in Jacob. All 3 of our kids just LOVE apple jackson as Alyssa calls him. Jacob sings and dances, as much as one can in a carseat, in the car and Alyssa sings "just beat it" walking through Target. Its all fine with me, I never knew much about the Jackson's until this and I must say I am a fan! I bought the Thriller cd before we even got back home.

We got in some relaxing naps!

Alyssa got her toes painted for the first time.

Jacob and Alex got haircuts. Yup we live in Iowa and we get our hair cut in Alabama.  How drastic are these changes!


We celebrated the 4th of July!

Jacob helped make some homemade ice cream.

And now at the end of this day I am finally finished with the end of this update! *sigh*
Its a good thing this host is closing, because I just ran out of storage space on this site. In order to bring this update to you I had to go ahead and start deleting stuff!

Oh and one more thing, I almost forgot.
I took a video of Alyssa while we were away on our trip also. I just love how she tries to "reach" stuff.


What did you do all summer Niki?
Day Three........Cowboys!

These boys spent about a week doing this...............

They had sooo much fun. Day after day, hour after hour, they would ride, together, on this stick horse with cowboy hats and swords!  They usually took turns riding in front and falling off!
Poor little guys a little under the weather right now. Alex has had swollen tonsils for over 2 weeks. He has an appointment with the ENT next week. But atleast they are not bothering him. He has a little touch of the sniffles too.  I think Jacob is coming down with it also. He has been a little stuffy, sore throat, and now a bit of a fever.  Little Alyssa has a cold also!
September 10, 2009

What did you do all summer Niki?
Day Four......Potty training

Thats right, potty training.
Alyssa has started potty training
. She is going about it slowly but she's going. We are just sorta following her lead. I'm not in a hurry to see her fully trained. I've been changing diapers for so long I really don't think twice about it anymore. Plus we are used to boys who wouldn't look at a potty until atleast three years old.


What did you do all summer Niki?
Day Five......Camping out

We had our annual backyard camp out this summer!
The kids chased lightning bugs(fireflies) and caught a few. 
We watched the space shuttle and ISS pass overhead. This is really cool to do if you ever get the opportunity. Having a future astronaut in the house(Jacob) keeps me on my toes with this sort of thing. You can go
here to see when your next opportunity will be!
We watched a nearby fireworks show.
And we made foamerators! This was a project I found in Family Fun magazine. 
We took some small plastic water bottles and cut the bottoms off. Then we used rubber bands to hold a piece of cloth onto the bottoms of the bottles. Wet  the cloth, and dip in dish soap and Voila'......foamerators!

September 12, 2009

What did you do all summer Nikki?
Day Six....Playing in the water

Are you getting tired of updates yet?
(Don't answer that)
Is this not the most cutest, sweet little swimsuit you have ever seen in all your life?

We didn't have a whole lot of swimming weather this summer, but we tried to make the most of what we did get. We never did find swim lessons to put the boys in, so we did our own. They did really good actually. Jacob is like a bird in water, but he made alot of progress. He is so much more comfortable in the water now and is grasping the concept of floating on his back. Alex has always been very comfortable in the water. I think if the weather would have stayed warm enough for us to keep going more than once a week, he would have learned to swim. He is treading water a little already.

But anyway, on to the good stuff!

September 14, 2009

What did you do all summer Niki?
Day Seven..........Adventure Land

We took a day trip to our local amusment park! I just love amusment parks! It was weather was cooler than expected, it was way crowded, and it rained half of the day, BUT we stil had fun. Jacob is very adventurous about what he rides. He will ride almost anything he is tall enough for, as long as we say its ok. Alex likes to eat ice cream while waiting for Jacob to ride the big rides.

October 2, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!!
This time of year is usually not very busy for me, but this year it has been!
I want to go ahead and get started on the new blog, you know in all the free time I have! But I wanted to post one more time over here before it closes on me.
I think one of the best part of being a little girl is having shoes that make tap noises and haveing something to twirl!

When we came inside after all this twirly-ness I discovered that she had earlier taken off her diaper and had been twirling naked under that tutu in the driveway! Guess it was a good thing the wind wasn't blowing!!

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