This site contains spells, wiccan tools, information on the religion and my own personal book of shadows.
Also I have put in some links from Yahoo, and some info on myself and my dog mel.
I live with my mother but occasionallt visit my father in the school holidays.
I don't have a black cat or a broom stick but I do have a black dog and tons of herbs and crystals.
White witches aren't evil. They don't worship the devil and never cast spells that are against other peoples will, but they do try to help people all they can by using natural means.
At my site you can learn all different types of spells and find your true religion.
I have only just started my website so there's not much yet, but I will constantly update it so you won't miss out on anything.
There are many things you can do on my site so browse around. I have even added a special place where you can find out all about my dog Mel.
You can see her in the "Totem Animals" section.
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I am creating this website for free so I have also put in some links from Yahoo for u to go to later.
Blessed Be.
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I have updated this page because I have notised that not many people have signed my guest book.
It is very important that you do so that I can update my website the way you like it.
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