When I get enough words in order that this "dictionary" has more than a glossary of a 30-page book, I might separate them into letters, then pages. However, it has not gotten to that point, so here we are.
asshole-(as-hol) n. a relatively mild (compared to actions) word to describe Americans
boom-(boom) n. another word for fun :)
bored-(bord) adj. the most common state of man
burvy-(ber-vee) n. a bee stuck in the intake valve of a bagpipe. Okay, this is a word I created in order to cheat in "Scramble."
cruel and unusual punishment (kru-l and un-yu-zhu-wal pun-ish-ment) n. Anything you want it to be. i.e. School is cruel and unusual punishment to the mentally incompetent.
cognoscente-(Ko-no-cen-te) n. dilettante
death-(deth) n. part of life. Deal with it.
dilettante-(dl-lant) n. cognoscente
evil-(e-vl) adj. Bob-Riley's-tax-plan-like
grammar-(gra-mer) n. an evil device created for the activation of insanity among users of the English language. It shall, has and does annoy the crap out of all willing to care about it.
grumpy-(grum-pe) adj. me, after having to wake up at 6:00 for school after having been sleeping in for the last couple of months. >(
is-(iz) v. If you need to know the definition of "is," you are an idiot. So much as to the point of not needing to read. In that case you don't need this dictionary.
MacGuffin-(muh-guh-fin) n. Ever seen a movie where you tell yourself, "They're only doing that for one reason; they could be playing video games at home if that item/event/character wasn't there/didn't happen." Blame it on MacGuffin
mosquito-(mos-ki-to) n. pests; in groups, the bane of sanity
noyade-(no-yade) n. a word with a root I can't find in any other word.
pejorative- (pih-jor-uh-tiv) adj. fancy word to describe someone who just makes things worse
percussion- (pur-kush-in) n. Intruments like the ones heard here. I think one's a string, but oh well.
perfect-(pur-fict) adj. annoying people.
pogrom-(po-gram) v. or n. I can never spell this off the top of my head. My eighth grade English teacher misspelled it on the board the first time I had heard of it. Now, I spell it like "progam". Cruel eighth grade English teacher...
politics-(pol-i-tics) n. many blood-suckings pests.
promotion-(pro-mo-sun) n. endangered policy. Why promote when you can bring in college students or super smart people from other countries, who aren't used to American living costs, to do the job half as well (inexperience/language problems) for half the cost?
puke-(pyuk) v. what cheap, overapplied perfume on a closeby girl makes me do.
quietus-(kwye-ee-tus)n. yea, another word for death now, my short stories don't have to have the same words repeating :)
sex (secks) - Fun, Fun, Fun!
First thing you looked up, right?
twee-(twee) adj. sounds like half way between two and three. Girls go for twee. Guys go for boom.
work ethics-(wurk eth-iks) n. extinct policy, replaced with "I'll-do-the-minimum-so-that-I-can-basicly-steal-money-from-my-employers ethic." This word is sponsered by Major Corporations.
yeg-(yeg) n. I know other dictionaries spell it "yegg," but this is my dictionary. I can spell it any way I want it.

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