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Radi-Chan's Bio

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This section is for those of you that accidentally got here. This is a little info on Raditz' background in Dragonball Z... and my theory on him being a very important character looking at the events after in detail. If you really haven't a clue, read on.

Name: Raditz                                        
Race: Saiyan                                        
Height: Unknown (though well over 6 ft)
Class: 1st              
Birthplace: Vegeta-sei
Noticable Feature: Really, REALLY long hair!                         
All this starts with a race known as the saiyans. They are a race of prided warriors, fighting for their own kind. Although not technologically advanced, the Saiyans can hold their own in a battle, especially with a special technique. The ability to turn into an Oozaru. What is an Oozaru you say? Well it is an 50 ft + tall were monkey/ape. this happens in the light of a full moon, or somthing simulating the wave energy of the moon. This is only achieved if the saiyan has a tail. The pitfall of the Oozaru transformation is that the individual loses all his reasoning and becomes a raging beast. Only Royalty can keep the Oozaru under their own control Raditz, along with his brother Goku are saiyans, and heres some more info:

Raditz, as we know is a full -blood Sayian. As first son of the Saiyans named Bardock and Kinoko (respectively Father and Mother), he is raised as a warrior, working  under Frieza's family's rule. Bardock had a second son, Kakarot, or as we know him, " Goku ". Both younger saiyans were sent to clear planets when the immenent destruction of Vegeta-sei rendered them a near extinct species.

At the same time as Raditz was sent off, Goku was sent to earth where he grew up. He had been sent there as a baby, so did not really remember Vegeta-sei. As violent as he was, Gohan chose to adopt Goku, who didnt appreciate this one bit. One fateful day, Goku climbed out of his safety basket and fell into a ravine, where he hit his head. This left a scar and permenant brain damage, which was good for the earth. Goku became a kind natured child like any human. Later on, Goku had his tail removed while he was heling search for the dragonballs, due to his friend finding out about the Oozaru transformation. This was one less threat to the earth, and Goku could continue his journey in life without knowing.

Goku, was blissfully unaware of the events on vegeta- sei, as his brother Raditz, along with the Prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta and  Nappa, an elite, all struggle for survival. Frieza and his family are ruthless, using the saiyans for their skill in killing. Frieza eventually destroyed Vegeta-sei, for fear of the saiyans becoming too strong. He left a select few alive, which would be the changelings downfall. However, the time for earth to be sold to the purchaser soon comes, Raditz was sent on this mission. When he arrives, nothing had hapened. Goku had lost all memories of being  a Saiyan.

Raditz then decides that he would have to exterminate his brother along with his nephew and the Namek, Piccolo, as well as the entire human race. This fails after a dawn out battle, but not all was lost. Raditz sends a transmission to Vegeta as Piccolo speaks about  the dragonballs, and wishing Goku back within a week. Of course this will lure the remaining saiyans like sharks to earth. This is esentially where Raditz' role ends in Dragonball Z.

If you know the series well, ponder my little mind twister below

Now, I  bet you're wondering how on earth he's an important character, right? Well the most important thing is that he lets Vegeta know about the Dragonballs. This would have knock on effect on the rest of the series, and kami knows where we'd land up. Have a think about what would happen if Raditz didnt go to earth, and Vegeta DIDN'T know about earths dragonballs. Then try and say he's not important =p!

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