NEWS FLASH!  Quinten David Burlew was born 6/1/04 at 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 1/2" click here for newborn pics, or here for more recent pics.
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This is the a Beautiful Page in process...

New as of my latest efforts - if you haven't seen it yet, Quinten's , ultrasound is up on my 'family' page.  That is from a couple month's ago, so it is fun to imagine just what he might look like by now.  He's an active little bugger most of the time and is growing pretty darned fast now (and my belly is growing along with him - for proof of this fact feel free to visit my 'friends' page) 

As always,  I'm open to suggestions, so feel free to make them in the guestbook.  (somebody PLEASE sign my guestbook!)
This is me, contemplating the meaning of life . . . or something like that.
The Best of the Best
I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.
-- Booker T. Washington
Potato: Pizzaria Uno's Skinless Bake
Airport: Dallas (comfortable for an airport, convenient food and vending locations, and they have the cutest little chapel)
CD: Tonic - Lemon Parade
Location:  The gardens at Kona Surf Resort in Kona, Hawaii -- watching the Pacific.
:  Thanksgiving - it's all about getting stuffed, sedentary, and happy with the family.
Apple:  Granny Smith
French Fries
'Good Times' Burgers - unfortunately they are currently only available in Colorado and Boise, Idaho

I'll be the first person to admit that I don't have everything all figured out yet, but there are some things I know for certain.

First, I know that there is a God, and (considering some of the events and people in my life, and some of the events and people in the lives of people I care about) I know that God is not indifferent to human life (not only the presence or absence of said life, but also the quility of it).

I know that change is necessary and generally not as unpleasant as the pessimists would have you believe, but also not ALWAYS as pleasant as the optimists would like you to think.

I know that uncertainty is a necessity, but that the three F's (
Faith, Family, and Friends) go a long way toward making uncertainty not so terribly uncertain.

On a more personal level, I know that I am
madly in love with a fantastic and beautiful man, and about to be a mom. Quinten David is expected to make his live debut somewhere around the 3rd of June, 2004..

Oh yeah, and one other thing - it helps to have fun along the way ... and of course different people do that in different ways.  Honestly some of my most fun times have come from just hanging out with people (and usually picking on them), but sometimes I like to do
something a little more complicated, and a little more active.
The Worst of the Worst
Car Insurance: Allstate
Mexico City (bad design, not easy to navigate your way through in Spanish OR in English, and generally non user-friendly)
Airline:  Northwest.  I will qualify this by saying that throughout my flying years I have flown Northwest almost exlusively until just recently, and had no significant worries about them (especially since they generally offer the best fares).  However - after a recent fiasco with un unplanned overnight stay due to an impossible connection, I have changed my mind (go ahead, ask me about Mexico City - and use the guest book to do it dagnabbit!)
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