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only 17 and alone and 12,000 miles from his family Neils attitude deteriorated,feeling unloved and misunderstood,Neil too followed in his fathers footsteps and started turning heavily to the drink,not knowing this was just the beggining of a reckless ten years which saw him return to england,get heavily into drugs through the dance scene which was just taking off.Meeting heaps of new and like minded people,losing contact with his mum and most of his family through the drug use,and then returning to nz after 6months living in spain,to be with the first girl he ever loved,Tia.

so welcome to his world,these are purely his views and feelings that some may find similar to some of their own,yet most were written as a way of expression when no-one else would listen,and now he carrys on his work hoping to enlighten others and show some understanding for those who like neil felt they were the only ones to feel this way.
just a fraction of the scenic beauty possesed by the land of the long white cloud.
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