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Neil Slater was born in tooting,england in december of 1972.first of 2 children to John and Sandra.Elder brother to Kerry.
Neil`s upbrining to say the least has been different to most.His parents moved to NZ when he was 18 months old and a year later Kerry was born.Then when he was 5 his mother grew home sick and they returned to england.After 3 years back in england they decided to give NZ another go,and the family up and moved again.However after 2years back in NZ Neils parents were divorced,and his mother returned to england with his sister and neil returned a year later.However after 2 years back in England and always being in trouble at school Neil returned to NZ to live with his dad and was told that he wouldnt be able to return again.His Father then turned heavily onto the booze,obviusly his own way of dealing with his loss and mistakes,and Neil ended up being left unloved and alot of the time unattended while his father was out,sometimes for 4 or 5 days on the trot,drinking his and his sons life away,while his son was supposed to be preparing him self for the most important educational part of his life.Not able to handle his adolescent son,Neils father decided it was a good idea to get Neil in the Navy and as soon as it was known that he was,left for kenya to do his own thing,hardly ever contacting his son from then on.

better the devil you know.!
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