Blood Lions
This is my family tree based on an inter-family 9-generation genogram.  The red lines in the painting are the Loewen bloodlines.  The thickest line on the left shows the line that carry the family surname.  The other thinner red lines show maternal connections to the Loewen family name, making a total of 4 distinct interconnected lines of Loewens in my family tree.
At the top is the Hebrew word 
(La-vee) meaning lion, and the etymological root of the German word "Loewe".  The lion image is based on a seal found at Megiddo, Israel.  The wheat and bricks symbolize farming and building, the occupation of my ancestors. 
The Lion is my family's symbol of courage and endurance.
"A Lion never gives up"  or in plautdietsch: "en Loewe yeft nich opp"
A few years ago I compiled some memories about my mother's parents, Jacob and Anna Toews. Many of my cousins and especially my uncle Lee,  contributed amd I wrote about my own childhood memories of my grandparents.
In December, 2000 we were blessed with a marriage in our family.  Unfortunately the weather did not co-operate, and as a result a number of invited guests were unable to be there.  Here is a poem I wrote about my son Dan's marriage to Christie

My mother
Margaret Loewen
March 20, 1912- Dec. 9, 2003

I am thankful for the unconditional love and support my mother gave  me throughout my life.  The last words we heard her speak were
"I love you".
Though she was very weak and her condition had seriously deteriorated, her faith and her love for her family were
constant till the end.
This is an oil painting I did of Dan when he was about 2 years old.  Dan deserves the credit for taking all my digital art photos, helping me with any computer problems and getting me on the internet!  He a computer engineer with Power Measurement.
This is my daughter Shoshana and our cat Sugar. Some of Shoshana's art can be seen on this web site!
I have a grand daughter Emma and will soon be showing her off!
Seal found  Meggido, Israel from time of King Jereboam 787-747 BC
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