[NEGWA Headlines:� Top Story 5.22.01]

God bless NEGWA! May she regain her former glory.

In Other News:� NEGWA's June 4th Monday Night show, entitled "Rebirth" will hail from none other than the old EGWA Arena in Reading, PA!� Apparently, Jade Diamond dusted the old contract for the building off when he was looking through old wrestling memorabilia.� Since Diamond never sold the building, it is still fair game and open for NEGWA's brand of grappling.

In a return tour, NEGWA has decided to head to one of the most heralded areas for pro wrestling, New England!� NEGWA will put on four shows from New England in June, including two in Massachusetts!

[NEGWA Website Updates:� 5.22.01]

  • The new layout has been put online!
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