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Welcome to Troop 57 - Click here to read the ScoutMaster's Welcome

New Scouts crossing over from Cub Pack 57 typically will be provided with a Boy Scout book (provided by the Pack) and a red neckerchief and slide (provided by the Troop). New leaders will also receive a neckerchief and slide. Scouts and leaders need to purchase a Class A uniform and necessary patches from the Scout Shop. The Scout Shop is located in our Minsi Trails Council building near ABE Airport - Click here for map/direction.

At the minimum, please obtain from the Scout Shop:

  • Class "A" Shirt - short sleeve
  • World Crest patch
  • Red Troop numbers a 5 and a 7
  • A set of red epaulets
  • Minsi Trails Council patch
  • Other items, pants (long and short), scout socks, belt, Merit Badge sash, etc. may be purchased now or later.
  • Select here for a Uniform Inspection Sheet. This shows where the patches are to be located on the uniform (sew or a special iron on glue available from the Scout Shop). Many of the patches such as rank, patrol, leader position, etc. will be provided via the Troop as the scout earns them.

At the minimum, please purchase from the Troop:

  • One of more Class "B" Troop 57 red T-shirt
  • A Troop 57 red scout cap

Other items that may be purchased:

  • Troop 57 wool hat
  • Troop 57 hoodie Sweat Shirt

If any of the above are not available, the Troop typically places new orders early spring for new scouts and leaders. Scouts, leaders, and parents are welcome to search through the Troop box of recycled (used) uniforms and scout items. In return when boys outgrow their clothing please consider donating them to the troop.

A Troop Document on Uniforms, Advancements and Merit Badges - Select Here

Scout Accounts and Fundraising:

A scout account will be established for each boy to be used for purchase of clothing, scout items, yearly dues, or for cost of trips and activities. Scouts earn money for their accounts via fundraiser. Click here for more information on Troop 57 Fundraising. Note - Fundraising supports operation of the Troop and donations will be required if the scout doesn't participate. If the scout had an account with Pack 57 it will be transferred to the Troop.

How does the New Scout and New Leader get started:

Attend the Troop weekly meetings on most Tuesday evenings during the school year. See our home page for times and location. Also see our schedule that list meetings, trips, activities, and fundraising events. It also shows due dates for rank advancements, when orders are due & pickups, and our quarterly Court of Honor. Parents and/or Guardians are expected to attend each Court of Honor and our Red and White Banquet in January.

Scouts are provided with opportunities to advance in rank, they are not spoon feed as in cub scouts. Do First - Parents/Guardians and the scout needs to read and review the Pamphlet Exercise in the front of the scout book and sign it somewhere to show this was done - this is the only time and place a parent may sign anything in the book. The scout then needs to learn and study Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the book, and in particular he should learn (and live via) the Scout Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan, Outdoor Code and be able to Describe the Scout Badge. Completing this gets the scout going to obtain the "Scout" rank.

Training is required for new Leaders. There is training for 1) Assistance Scoutmaster and 2) Committee Member. Some of the training can be done on-line and some requires classroom type training. See Council's Training Web Site for courses and dates or talk with a leader.

Overview or Annual Events - Here is an overview of the typical Troop 57 annual events.

Troop Policy - This is a link to the Troop Policy .

Camping Checklist - Here is a Troop 57 Recommended Checklist for Camping


For more information about Troop 57 contact us at [email protected]
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