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Igor's Tale

by Tim Prost ©2004

Igor placed one foot on the creaking steps that led up to the laboratory of the reclusive Dr. Rafael Vilasuso. He shunned at the thought of taking another step. “Master must be very busy not to come down and check the answering machine.” Igor could hear the high pitched electrical hum of Octa-Digicka. Igor thought about the last time he disturbed Dr. Vill during the feeding of “Octa”, he still had the bruises; and the memories of being locked away in the closet with a candle, a cross and a book on Neuro-networks. Igor shuttered in deep fear. No, Igor would not disturb Dr.Vill any more than he already was. Instead he would watch the lab from the east and wait for the heat of Octa-Digicka to shimmer in the setting sun to the west. "Then master will awake after his blood transfusion to gaze upon the world once more." Igor then hid in the shadows just as his master had taught him...

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Kromwyrm A.I. Systems



Forecasting the future with 70% to 80% accuracy using the most advanced technology available. Predictions realized using the latest in evolutionary programming. The artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing time-dependent data, such as the price of a raw material, the price of a stock, or the magnitude of any pertinent serial data, for the purposes of forecasting future pattern fluctuations. Inquire at this email.
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