Introduction to the Author

        Students will be required to work in pairs, using the internet, to find ten facts about the author Harper Lee using:

††††††††††††††††† Google

††††††††††††††††† Dogpile

††††††††††††††††† AltaVista

(or other various search engines)


Class Discussion about the author

        Students will then present their ten facts to the rest of the class

Continue discussion about the author in relation to the novel To Kill a Mockingbird.



Introduction to the Novel To Kill a Mockinbird

        Begin class with an overhead stating Atticusí quote from To Kill a Mockingbird.

Lead into the lesson Spend a Day in My Shoes

        Using the various shoes presented, students will brainstorm about the various types of people that wore those particular shoes and complete the worksheet Walking in Someone Elseís Shoes

        Students will then share some of their responses with the rest of the class.



(Continuing from the day before)

        Using the worksheet from the day before, the students will use this to write a narrative about one of the owners of the shoes.

        If students are struggling on how to start then they can use the Circle Plot Diagram

Students will need to continue the completion of the narratives at home for homework.


Students will peer review one anotherís narratives, amongst two different students.


The remainder of the class will be spent on revising the narratives, typing the narratives, or asking any questions (to the teacher).


If students did not complete final draft then this will need to be completed at home for homework.


Final Draft of narrative is due.


Assessment (used to grade the narrative).


Begin reading the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee.


  • Chapter 1 and 2 will be assigned reading for homework.




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