Mrs. White's Class
at the Madison County WIN Job Center’s Addition Table of Contents—interactive practice exercises’s Subtraction Table of Contents—interactive practice exercises

Multiplication Tables, interactive exercises, worksheets and games’s Multiplication Table of Contents—interactive practice exercises’s Division Table of Contents—interactive practice exercises’s Decimal Table of Contents, including equivalent fractions and percents, as well as converting fractions and percents

Percent and Probability

Determing Percentage

Decimal Games

Help with Fractions—detailed and easy to understand instructions for working with fractions’s Fraction Table of Contents

Math Goodies' Intoduction to Integers

Interactive Comparing Integers Exercise

Numerical Sentences—Adding Equations with 1-Digit Integers

Adding Positive and Negative Integers

Numerical Sentences—Adding Equations with 2-Digit Integers

Numerical Sentences—Subtracting Equations with 1-Digit Integers

Subtracting Positive and Negative Integers

Dividing Positive and Negative Integers

Evaluating Expressions with One Variable

Evaluating Expressions with Two Variables

Intro to Algebra

A Lesson on Order of Operations

Identifying Place Value

Place Value Activity

Order of Operations Worksheet

Decimals, Whole Numbers and

Data and Statistics





Geometry Tutorial

Solving Word Problems

Word Problems


Estimation and Rounding

Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation Practice

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